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In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Dana Dokmanovich, the beloved wife of the late Franco Harris. Their journey together spanned many years, filled with cherished moments. Today, we remember Franco Harris, the former American professional football player, who left us on December 21, 2022, at the age of 72. Let’s take a closer look at Dana Dokmanovich’s Wiki, her age, her children, and the legacy of Franco Harris.


Dana Dokmanovich: A Life Shared with Franco Harris

  • Dana and Franco’s bond was strong, as they spent countless years together in marriage.
  • They appeared together at the 8th Annual NFL Honors in Atlanta, Georgia, a testament to their enduring connection.


Discovering Dana Dokmanovich

Dana Dokmanovich is best known as the wife of Franco Harris. Franco, a former American professional football player who graced the fields of the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, passed away at the age of 72. Franco’s legacy continues to live on, and Dana remains a central part of that story.

  • Franco Harris was born on March 7, 1950, in Fort Dix, New Jersey.
  • Dana often attended public events alongside her NFL superstar husband.


Family and Relationships

  • Dana and Franco were blessed with a son named Dok, who was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Dok chose a different path and pursued a career in law and business, studying at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School.
  • While Dana supported Dok’s choices, she never envisioned him following in his father’s football footsteps.


Franco Harris: A Sporting Legend

  • Franco Harris was renowned in the NFL, earning fame for his exceptional skills on the field.
  • He achieved a remarkable net worth of $3 to $4 million through his successful football career.


Cherished Memories and Future

  • Dana’s private life has been just that—private, with few details shared with the public.
  • The couple’s time together was filled with joy, laughter, and countless memories that will forever remain in Dana’s heart.


Remembering Franco Harris

  • Franco Harris’s passing left a void in the hearts of many.
  • He was a celebrated running back who secured four Super Bowl victories with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • The exact cause of his passing remains undisclosed, yet his legacy lives on through his remarkable contributions to the world of football.



Dana Dokmanovich’s journey alongside Franco Harris was one of love, family, and shared experiences. As we remember Franco’s impact on the football world, we also recognize Dana’s presence in his life, supporting him through triumphs and challenges. Their story continues to inspire and touch the hearts of those who knew them.