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  • Danish Azad Ansari is a prominent Indian politician known for his affiliation with the BJP.
  • He practices the Muslim faith and holds a significant position in the Yogi Adityanath Cabinet.
  • Danish Azad Ansari gained attention due to his unique role as the sole Muslim face in the cabinet.
  • His appointment as a minister marked a notable development within the BJP and garnered public interest.


Contact Number for Danish Azad Ansari

  • Danish Azad Ansari’s growing popularity as a BJP minister has led to people searching for his contact information.
  • As the only Muslim minister within the Bhartiya Janta Party, his presence is of great significance.
  • Unfortunately, his contact number is not publicly available on any social media platforms.


Email Address of Danish Azad Ansari

  • While Danish Azad Ansari is a well-known BJP politician, his exact email address remains undisclosed.
  • Having joined the Bhartiya Janta Party, he holds a unique position as a Muslim minister.
  • His supporters are actively seeking his contact details, including his email, along with his presence on social media platforms like Twitter.


Danish Azad Ansari’s Background

  • Danish Azad Ansari, recognized by his full name, is a respected politician.
  • Born on May 30, 1988, in Uttar Pradesh, India, he is 32 years old and possesses Indian nationality.
  • His educational journey includes attending a Private High School for his schooling and earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Lucknow University.


Role as a Muslim Minister

  • Danish Azad Ansari joined Yogi Adityanath’s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh, becoming a key figure following BJP’s resounding victory in the 2022 assembly polls.
  • His appointment as a minister at the age of 34 makes him a notable young face within the district.
  • He holds a position in Yogi Cabinet and also serves as a state general secretary of BJP Minority Morcha.


Social Media Presence

  • Danish Azad Ansari is an active presence on various social media platforms.
  • Connect with him through:
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • YouTube


Frequently Asked Questions about Danish Azad Ansari


  • Q. Who is Danish Azad Ansari?

    • A. Danish Azad Ansari is a well-known Indian politician with a significant presence in the BJP.


  • Q. Who is Danish Azad Ansari’s wife?

    • A. The name of Danish Azad Ansari’s wife is not publicly known.


  • Q. What is Danish Azad Ansari’s Net Worth?

    • A. Danish Azad Ansari’s net worth is estimated to be 1 million.



Danish Azad Ansari’s role as a Muslim minister within the BJP has drawn considerable attention and interest. His unique position within the Yogi Adityanath Cabinet signifies a significant change within the party. Although his contact number and email address are not readily accessible, his active presence on social media platforms allows supporters to stay connected with his political journey. As he continues to play an important role in Indian politics, Danish Azad Ansari remains a figure worth watching.