Deane Lester Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Deane Lester, a notable figure in the realm of horse racing analysis, left a void in the hearts of many as he bid farewell on Thursday, 16 February 2023. In this article, we delve into the life and times of Deane Lester, shedding light on his Wiki, Biography, Age, his passing, family, net worth, and more.


Deane Lester Wiki, Biography, Age

Born on the 3rd of September, 1968, in Dromana, Deane Lester’s journey on this Earth spanned 54 fruitful years. His educational journey took him to Peninsula Grammar School, where he honed his skills and knowledge.

  • Name: Deane Lester
  • Profession: Horse Racing Analyst
  • Age: 54 years old (Passed away on Thursday, 16 February 2023)
  • Birthdate: 3 September 1968
  • Birthplace: Dromana
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Net Worth: Approximately $250,000
  • Education: Peninsula Grammar School


A Farewell to Deane Lester

Deane Lester’s journey came to an end on Thursday, 16 February 2023. He had faced health challenges, including back surgery the previous year and ongoing medical issues. A kidney condition necessitated regular dialysis, adding to the struggles he bravely faced.


Deane Lester’s Family Ties

Deane Lester’s personal life remained relatively private. He was not married, and details about any past relationships are not in the public domain. The intricacies of his personal world remain largely unknown.


Deane Lester’s Family, Parents, Siblings

In the realm of family, Deane Lester’s father’s name was Bob Lester, and his mother’s name was Sandra Lester. Their professions, however, remain undisclosed. As for his siblings, their names and professions are yet to be unveiled. Whenever information about Deane Lester’s siblings comes to light, it will find its place here.


Deane Lester’s Net Worth and Legacy

Deane Lester’s contributions to the world of horse racing analysis have left an indelible mark. His net worth, a testament to his dedication and expertise, stands at an approximate $250,000. His role as a horse racing analyst paved the way for his financial success. However, the specifics of his salary remain undisclosed.

A tweet from his account showcased the excitement and success of a purchased horse, displaying the multifaceted aspects of Deane Lester’s interests and engagement.


Frequently Asked Questions about Deane Lester

Q1. Who was Deane Lester?

A1. Deane Lester was a distinguished horse racing analyst who left us on Thursday, 16 February 2023.


Q2. When did Deane Lester pass away?

A2. Deane Lester bid farewell on Thursday, 16 February 2023.


Q3. How old was Deane Lester?

A3. Deane Lester was born on the 3rd of September, 1968, making him 54 years old at the time of his passing.


Q4. What was Deane Lester’s net worth?

A4. Deane Lester’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $250,000.


Q5. What was Deane Lester’s nationality?

A5. Deane Lester proudly held Australian nationality.

In honoring Deane Lester’s memory, we recognize his dedication to horse racing analysis and his influence in the sporting community. His legacy remains woven into the tapestry of horse racing history, a testament to a life lived with passion and purpose.