Donaldson Oladipo Oyeyinka Diya Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Donaldson Oladipo Oyeyinka Diya, popularly known as Oladipo Diya, was a prominent Nigerian general and lawyer who dedicated his life to serving his country. From his early education to his remarkable military career, here’s a glimpse into the life of this remarkable individual.


Early Life and Education

  • Oladipo Diya was born on April 3, 1944, in Odogbolu, Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • He received his primary education at Yaba Methodist Primary School, Lagos, and later attended Odogbolu Grammar School.
  • Diya pursued his passion for the military by joining the Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna.
  • He actively participated in the Nigerian Civil War and later continued his education at Ahmadu Bello University, where he obtained an LLB degree in law.
  • Subsequently, he furthered his legal studies at the Nigerian Law School, becoming a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.


Distinguished Military Career

  • Oladipo Diya’s dedication to service led him to excel in the military hierarchy.
  • He held significant roles such as Chief of Defense Staff and Military Governor of Ogun State from January 1984 to August 1985.
  • Diya’s exceptional leadership skills and commitment earned him the position of Chief of General Staff under military head of state General Sani Abacha from 1994.
  • However, his tenure was marred by his arrest for treason in 1997.


Passing Away and Legacy

  • On March 26, 2023, Oladipo Diya passed away at the age of 78 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • His son confirmed his demise and shared the family’s grief in a heartfelt statement.
  • Diya’s legacy lives on through his contributions to Nigeria’s military and legal systems.


Family and Personal Life

  • Oladipo Diya was a private individual when it came to his family.
  • He was married twice; his first wife’s name remains undisclosed, while his second wife was named Folashde.
  • Tragedy struck in 2020 when his second wife passed away just before her 65th birthday due to COVID-19 complications. His first wife also contracted the virus.
  • Details about Diya’s parents and siblings are not widely known, but his devotion to his family was evident.


Net Worth and Achievements

  • Oladipo Diya’s net worth was estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million USD.
  • His achievements extended beyond his financial status, encompassing his roles as a Nigerian general and lawyer.
  • Diya’s commitment to his country and his tireless efforts in both military and legal spheres defined his success.


In Remembrance

  • Oladipo Diya’s passing marked the end of an era in Nigeria’s military and legal history.
  • His legacy serves as a reminder of the dedication and sacrifices made by individuals who strive for the betterment of their nation.



Oladipo Diya’s life journey from a young student to a distinguished military figure and lawyer is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his country. His legacy continues to inspire those who value service, dedication, and the pursuit of a better society.