Dorka Juhasz Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Dorka Juhasz is a remarkable American basketball player who has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Here’s a glimpse into her life, from her early days to her current accomplishments.


Dorka Juhasz Wiki, Age & Biography

  • Full Name: Dorka Juhasz
  • Profession: Basketball Player
  • Nickname: Dorka
  • Age: 23 Years Old
  • Date of Birth: 18 December 1999
  • Religion: Christian
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Pecs, Hungary
  • Residence: Pecs, Hungary
  • Marital Status: Unmarried


Early Life and Education

Dorka Juhasz was born on 18 December 1999 in Pecs, Hungary, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. She is a proud follower of the Christian religion. At the age of 23, she’s a young talent making waves in the world of basketball.

She completed her schooling at PTE Babits and went on to graduate from the Ohio State University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology, showing her dedication to both her studies and her sport. Currently, she is pursuing a Sports Management course at the University of Connecticut, demonstrating her commitment to enhancing her skills and knowledge.


Family Ties

  • Mother: Balazs Hajnal
  • Father: Zsolt Juhasz
  • Brother: Gergely Juhasz

Dorka’s parents, Zsolt Juhasz and Balazs Hajnal, have been her pillars of support throughout her journey. Her brother Gergely Juhasz is another integral part of her family. While there might not be much information available about her family, their unwavering support has undoubtedly played a significant role in her success.


Career Highlights

  • Started career in high school
  • Played junior games at Ohio State (2020-21), leading in rebounds
  • Led the club in scoring and achieved 12 double-doubles
  • Represented Hungary at the 2017 FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup
  • Impressive performance in sophomore year at Ohio State (2019-20), averaging 13.2 points and 9.4 rebounds per game


Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Shoe Size: 10 US

Dorka stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches, giving her an advantage on the basketball court. Her blonde hair and brown eyes add to her striking appearance. She wears a US shoe size of 10, ensuring she’s always ready to hit the court with confidence.


Net Worth

Dorka Juhasz’s dedication to her sport has not only earned her fame but also a commendable net worth of $1 million. Her hard work and talent have paved the way for her success, and she continues to be an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere.


Facts About Dorka Juhasz

  • An accomplished American basketball player
  • Originally from Pecs, Hungary, now thriving in the United States
  • Born on 18 December 1999
  • Parents: Zsolt Juhasz (Father) and Balazs Hajnal (Mother)
  • Graduated from Ohio State University
  • Actively engages with her fans on social media platforms


FAQs About Dorka Juhasz


Q1. Who is Dorka Juhasz?

  • A1. Dorka Juhasz is an American Basketball Player, known for her exceptional skills on the court.


Q2. Who are Dorka Juhasz’s Parents?

  • A2. Dorka Juhasz’s parents are Zsolt Juhasz (Father) and Balazs Hajnal (Mother).


Q3. Does Dorka Juhasz have a boyfriend?

  • A3. As of now, Dorka Juhasz’s relationship status is under review.


Q4. What is Dorka Juhasz’s Net Worth?

  • A4. Dorka Juhasz’s net worth is an impressive $1 million, a result of her dedication to her basketball career.


In Conclusion

Dorka Juhasz’s journey from Pecs, Hungary, to becoming a celebrated American basketball player is nothing short of inspiring. With her dedication, talent, and unwavering family support, she has carved a remarkable path for herself. As she continues to make strides in her career, fans around the world eagerly await her future achievements.