Dr. Prakhar Dagar Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


  • Dr. Prakhar Dagar, fondly known as “The Singing Doctor,” is a renowned international singer.
  • His captivating compositions spread positivity and spirituality, resonating with a vast audience.
  • His latest masterpiece, “Prabhu Ke Darshan Ko,” released on August 13th, has once again won hearts.


Musical Journey

  • Dr. Dagar is a dedicated vocalist and physician, working at a Delhi hospital.
  • For six years, he’s successfully balanced his roles in both medicine and music.
  • His music reflects deep devotion, addressing affection for all living beings, including plants and animals.
  • Spirituality and overcoming the five faults are recurring themes in his work.


Mysterious Love Life

  • Dr. Dagar’s wife remains a private figure, with limited public information about her.
  • Updates about his wife will be provided in the future.
  • His musical journey also explores spirituality and the path to self-improvement.


Soulful Explorations

  • The music video showcases Dr. Dagar exploring picturesque locations in Mussoorie, Rishikesh, and Haridwar.
  • His acts of kindness, like feeding stray animals, blend seamlessly with his spiritual journey.


Family and Upbringing

  • Born and raised in a medical household in Delhi, his upbringing influenced his inclination to help others.
  • His spiritually enriched voice connects with people, emanating divine bliss.
  • By day, he tends to patients at Safdarjung Hospital’s Sports Injury Center, while nights are dedicated to online sessions.
  • He aims to alleviate pandemic-related suffering through his music, offering hope.


Career Highlights

  • Dr. Dagar’s fame stems from his original devotional songs and bhajans, such as “Satguru Pyare Tu” and “Tum Hi Palanhar.”
  • He specializes in Safdarjung Hospital’s Sports Injury Center, a top medical facility in India.
  • Acknowledged for his extraordinary work during the pandemic, he received the Covid Warrior Award from the Health Minister.


Net Worth

  • Dr. Dagar’s net worth remains undisclosed at present.
  • Updates about his net worth will be shared as available.


Instagram Presence

  • Connect with Dr. Dagar on Instagram for updates and insights into his musical journey.


FAQs About Dr. Prakhar Dagar


  • Q. Who is Dr. Prakhar Dagar?

    • A. Dr. Prakhar Dagar is both a dedicated doctor and a talented singer.


  • Q. Is Dr. Prakhar Dagar married?

    • A. Yes, he is married.


  • Q. What is the net worth of Prakhar Dagar?

    • A. Currently unavailable.



Dr. Prakhar Dagar’s dual identity as a compassionate physician and an accomplished singer showcases his commitment to healing through both medicine and music. His spiritual compositions resonate with a diverse audience, providing solace and positivity. While his wife remains a private figure, his music and messages of spirituality are open to all who seek inspiration. As he continues to make strides in the medical field and captivate hearts with his music, Dr. Dagar’s journey is one of unwavering dedication and soulful expression.