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  • Eazy-E, also known as Eric Lynn Wright, was a famous American rapper.
  • He played a major role in shaping West Coast rap and gangsta rap.
  • Eazy-E led the group N.W.A (Niggaz Wit Attitudes) and owned Ruthless Records.
  • His influence earned him the title “Godfather of Gangsta Rap.”


Eazy-E’s Passing and His Legacy

  • Eazy-E passed away on 26 March 1995 due to AIDS-induced pneumonia.
  • He was diagnosed just a month before, at the age of 30.
  • Eazy-E left behind a remarkable rap legacy and 11 children.
  • Among them is his daughter, Ebie Wright, who carries his memory forward.


Discovering Eazy-E’s Daughter Ebie Wright

  • Ebie Wright’s mother, Tracy Jernagin, was one of Eazy-E’s partners.
  • She was born on 16 July 1991 in Compton, California, USA, making her 31 years old.
  • Ebie lost her father when she was only 3 years old and was raised by her mother.
  • She shares the role of being Eazy-E’s child with 10 half-siblings from different partners.
  • Ebie follows her father’s footsteps as a musician and entrepreneur.


Ebie’s Artistic Pursuits and Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Ebie Wright is not just Eazy-E’s daughter but also a talented musician.
  • She ventured into entrepreneurship by starting her own clothing line.
  • Her artistic journey led her to pursue studies in art at the University of California.

Ebie’s Unique Path and Siblings

  • Erin Bria Wright, formerly known as Erin Bria, changed her name to Ebie Wright in 2016.
  • She did this as a tribute to her late grandmother, who she affectionately called Ebie.
  • Ebie is the eldest child of Tracy Jernagin and Eazy E, and she has 10 half-siblings.
  • Some of her half-siblings are Dominick Wright, Erica Wright, Daijah Wright, and more.


Ebie Wright’s Net Worth

  • Ebie Wright’s talents extend to music and entrepreneurship.
  • In 2016, she initiated a Kickstarter fundraiser for a documentary named “A Ruthless Scandal.”
  • Reports suggest that Ebie’s net worth is approximately $7 million.
  • Eazy-E, her late father, had a net worth of $8 million.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ebie Wright


Q1: Who Was Eazy-E?

  • A: Eazy-E, born Eric Lynn Wright, was a renowned American rapper who passed away on 26 March 1995 due to AIDS-induced pneumonia. He was only 30 years old.


Q2: Who Is Eazy-E’s Daughter Ebie Wright?

  • A: Eazy-E fathered 11 children, and one of them is Ebie Wright. Her mother, Tracy Jernagin, was one of Eazy-E’s partners.


Q3: What Is Ebie Wright’s Age?

  • A: Ebie Wright was born on 16 July 1991, making her 31 years old. She hails from Compton, California, USA.


Q4: What Is Ebie Wright’s Net Worth?

  • A: Ebie Wright’s estimated net worth is around $7 million.


Conclusion: Ebie Wright’s Journey and Legacy

  • Ebie Wright, the daughter of Eazy-E, is a musician and entrepreneur in her own right.
  • She carries forward her father’s legacy while pursuing her unique artistic path.
  • Ebie’s achievements in music, entrepreneurship, and art showcase her determination and talent.
  • Her net worth stands as a testament to her accomplishments and dedication.