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Edwin Sodi is a well-known and respected entrepreneur hailing from South Africa. He holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Blackhead Consulting, a prominent business firm operating within the country.


Early Life and Education

  • Edwin Sodi, a native of South Africa, was born with the name Edwin Sodi. Although his exact date of birth remains undisclosed, he was brought into this world in the vibrant land of South Africa.
  • His formative years were spent attending a local high school, where he completed his foundational education. However, details about his college education have not been made public.

Marital Journey

  • Edwin Sodi embarked on a significant journey in 2012 when he tied the knot with Nthateng Lerata, a former television and radio presenter. However, their union eventually faced challenges, leading to their separation and subsequent divorce.
  • In addition to his marriage, Edwin Sodi’s personal life drew attention due to his relationships with various individuals. His romantic involvements included notable figures such as Disebo Makati, Kefilwe (an Instagram model), as well as Nthateng Lerata and Refilwe Mabote.


Discovering Edwin Sodi’s Profile

Wiki Insights and Age

  • Unveiling Edwin Sodi’s life details comes with some mystery, as his exact birth date remains undisclosed. However, estimates place his age at around 50 years, sourced from various outlets.
  • Although his zodiac sign remains a mystery, Edwin Sodi presently resides in South Africa and proudly holds South African nationality.


Exploring Edwin Sodi’s Family

  • Insights into Edwin Sodi’s family life have been relatively guarded, with no comprehensive details available about his parents or siblings. His family background remains a subject of curiosity for many.


Unveiling Net Worth

  • While Edwin Sodi has made waves in the business world, specific figures concerning his net worth remain undisclosed. His financial standing continues to intrigue the public.


FAQs about Edwin Sodi


Q.1 Who is Edwin Sodi?

Edwin Sodi is a notable entrepreneur hailing from South Africa who has made a name for himself through his business ventures and achievements.


Q.2 When was Edwin Sodi born?

The exact birth date of Edwin Sodi is not publicly available, adding an air of mystery to his personal background.



Edwin Sodi’s journey as an entrepreneur and his prominence in the South African business landscape make him an intriguing personality. With his diverse experiences in the business world and his personal life’s ups and downs, he continues to capture the interest of those eager to learn more about his story. As he remains a subject of fascination, his contributions and connections serve as an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs.