Eleonore Lagace Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Eleonore Lagace is a familiar name in the Canadian entertainment industry, renowned as an actress, singer, and television host. Her fame stems from her roles in various movies and TV series, such as “Chaos,” “An Eye for Beauty,” “Night Song,” “Mobile Etoile,” and “Big Brother.”


Eleonore Lagace’s Family Background:

  • Parents:
  • Eleonore Lagace’s parents are Eric Lagace (father) and Natalie Choquette (mother).
  • Musical Lineage:
  • Both her parents are well-known musicians in Canada. Additionally, her grandparents, Bernard and Mireille Lagace, have made significant contributions to the music industry.


Siblings and Relations:

  • Sister:
  • Eleonore has a sister named Ariane Lagasse, who is involved in theatre, circus, singing, piano, and dance. Both sisters made an appearance in “Les Beaux’s Malaises” in 2014. They are both associated with the Francois Legault artistic agency.
  • Family Connection:
  • Florence K, a renowned singer and songwriter, shares a family connection with Eleonore Lagace through their common mother.


Eric Lagace – Eleonore Lagace’s Father:

  • Profession:
  • Eric Lagace is a Canadian bassist, composer, and arranger.
  • Birthdate:
  • He was born on July 8, 1959, in Montreal, Canada.
  • Music Educator:
  • He is an instructor of music at Concordia University in Montreal.
  • Notable Work:
  • Eric Lagace has contributed to the music department of films and TV series like “Rainy Days,” “Oliver Jones: Mind Hands Heart,” and “I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors.”
  • Orchestra Performances:
  • He has collaborated with esteemed orchestras such as the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, NACO, the Quebec Symphony Orchestra, and the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.
  • Jazz Collaborations:
  • Eric has worked with acclaimed jazz musicians including Vic Vogel, Oliver Jones, and Michel Legrand.
  • Teaching and Youth Orchestras:
  • He has been teaching double bass at Concordia University since 1988 and mentors various youth orchestras, including the Montreal Youth Symphony Orchestra.


Natalie Choquette – Eleonore Lagace’s Mother:

  • Profession:
  • Natalie Choquette is a French-Canadian opera singer.
  • Education:
  • She attended Institut Saint-Dominique, College International Marie de France, and Universite de Montreal.
  • Honorary Doctorate:
  • Natalie holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa.
  • Achievements:
  • She is a four-time Felix Award-winning classical musician and has sold over 100,000 albums.
  • Global Performances:
  • Natalie Choquette’s talent has taken her to various countries worldwide, where she has captivated audiences with her operatic prowess.


Eleonore Lagace’s Accomplishments:

  • Career Highlights:
  • Known for her diverse talents, Eleonore Lagace has made a mark in the entertainment industry through her roles in movies and TV shows.
  • Recent Achievement:
  • Her recent triumph as the winner of Zenith has brought her into the spotlight.



Eleonore Lagace’s family background is rooted in the world of music, with both her parents and even grandparents leaving their mark on the Canadian music scene. Her father, Eric Lagace, has excelled as a bassist and composer, while her mother, Natalie Choquette, has achieved recognition as an opera singer. With her own achievements in the entertainment industry, Eleonore Lagace continues to carry the family legacy forward.