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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the renowned American former professional basketball player, captured hearts on the court during his 20-season NBA journey with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. In 2016, his outstanding contributions were honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Amidst his legacy, fans are curious about Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s girlfriend, ex-wife, dating history, his NBA scoring records, and his children.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Relationship Status

  • Presently, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is not in a relationship; he is single.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Past Relationships

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s love life has been a topic of curiosity over the years. Here’s a glimpse into his journey:

  • In 1971, he tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Habiba Abdul Jabbar. However, their marital bliss concluded in 1978 after seven years.
  • In 1979, a new chapter began with Cheryl Pistono. Although they got engaged, they eventually parted ways, and Kareem remained unmarried. It’s interesting to note that despite the separation from his wife, he maintained a connection with her.
  • Prior to his marriage, he was in a relationship with Pam Grier in 1971.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Family and Kids

  • Habiba Abdul Jaffar, his ex-wife, gave birth to their first daughter in 1972. The couple had a total of three children. Following their divorce in 1983, their daughter, Habiba Alcindor, embraced various roles, including writer, producer, director, and social justice advocate. She recently made her producing debut with the show ‘Gold Rush.’
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr., born in 1976, is the second child. He initially pursued basketball professionally but later transitioned to acting, appearing in television series such as ‘The Loop’ and ‘Stevie TV.’
  • The third child, Sultana Abdul Jabbar, was born in April 1979. She chose to live with her mother and siblings post the divorce. Sultana has preferred to keep her personal life private.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s NBA Scoring Record

  • On April 5, 1984, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar etched his name in NBA history by breaking the league’s scoring record, surpassing Wilt Chamberlain’s feat. This achievement marked a turning point in his illustrious career, eventually retiring in 1989 with a remarkable 38,387 career points.
  • In recent times, there’s buzz about Kareem Abdul Jabbar possibly breaking LeBron James’ longstanding record, creating anticipation among basketball enthusiasts.


Early Career Choices

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, formerly known as Alcindor, had an interesting start to his career. He declined a $1 million contract offer from the Globetrotters and opted to join the Milwaukee Bucks. This decision proved pivotal for his journey in the NBA.
  • In 1969, he was the top pick in the American Basketball Association draft, selected by the New York Nets. However, his allegiance remained with the Bucks due to their offer’s superior appeal.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Who is Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s girlfriend?

  • A1: He is currently not in a relationship; he is single.


In summary

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s journey encompasses not only his iconic NBA records but also his intriguing love life and family dynamics. From marriage to his monumental achievements on the basketball court, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar continues to captivate fans worldwide.