Leena Manimekalai Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Leena Manimekalai, the renowned Indian filmmaker, actress, and poet, has garnered attention on both national and international platforms through her captivating work. Her artistic journey has been marked by notable appearances in various film festivals, showcasing her exceptional talent and creative endeavors.


Leena Manimekalai’s Filmography

Leena Manimekalai’s artistic journey commenced with her debut in the realm of filmmaking with the release of the short documentary titled “Mathamma” in the year 2002. She further expanded her repertoire by venturing into acting, leaving an indelible mark with her roles in films like “Chellamma,” “Love Lost,” “Sengadal the Dead Sea,” and “The White Cat.”


Leena Manimekalai’s Religious Affiliation

Leena Manimekalai identifies herself as a follower of the Hinduism religion. This article delves into the details of her religious beliefs while also exploring various facets of her life, such as her role as the director of the movie “Kaali,” her family background, relationship status, net worth, and more.


Leena Manimekalai: Director of “Kaali” Movie

As the director of the upcoming movie “Kaali,” Leena Manimekalai has taken the cinematic realm by storm. On the 2nd of July in 2022, she unveiled a poster for an upcoming documentary film that stirred both intrigue and controversy. The poster portrays a woman adorned as Goddess Kali while engaging in the act of smoking, which has sparked discussions and debates on cultural and religious sensitivities.


Nusrat Jahan’s Response to the “Kaali” Poster Controversy

The “Kaali” movie poster controversy has not gone unnoticed, eliciting a response from notable figures such as Nusrat Jahan. Addressing the situation, Nusrat Jahan shared her viewpoint, stating, “Let’s avoid commodifying religion. While appreciating creativity and individual expression, it’s crucial not to disregard the sentiments tied to religion. Creativity should be celebrated, but not at the cost of hurting religious beliefs.”


Leena Manimekalai’s Family Background

While Leena Manimekalai’s artistic accomplishments are widely recognized, details about her family background remain relatively undisclosed. Information regarding her parents’ identities and professions, as well as the presence of siblings in her life, remains a mystery.


Leena Manimekalai’s Relationship Status and Personal Life

In her poetic work titled “Ulagin Azhagiiya Muthal Penn,” Leena Manimekalai courageously revealed her identity as hermaphroditic, shedding light on her unique personal journey. She is currently in a relationship with sculptor Yesvand Rajendran, highlighting the diverse and meaningful connections that enrich her life.

Leena Manimekalai’s Net Worth

As of now, Leena Manimekalai’s exact net worth remains undisclosed. Her contributions to the realm of filmmaking, acting, and poetry have undoubtedly played a role in shaping her financial status, yet the precise figures remain a private matter.



Leena Manimekalai’s artistic voyage, spanning filmmaking, acting, and poetry, has left an indelible mark on the world of creativity and self-expression. Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her unique perspective on life and identity, serves as an inspiration to many. While she navigates the realms of art and controversy, her commitment to both creative expression and respect for cultural and religious sensitivities remains unwavering.