Leroy Sané Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


  • Leroy Sané: Renowned German footballer, playing as a winger for Bayern Munich and the German national team.
  • Known for exceptional pace, dribbling, and finishing.
  • Began at Schalke 04, moved to Manchester City in 2016.
  • Helped City win Premier League, EFL Cup; first German to win the award.
  • Who is Candice Brook? Leroy Sané’s girlfriend, a singer, and model.
  • Born on July 18, 1987, in New York, USA.
  • American nationality, stands at 5 feet 7 inches, weighs 55kg.


Leroy Sané’s Partner – Candice Brook

Leroy Sané’s wife is yet to be found, but he is in a relationship with Candice Brook. She’s a popular singer and model. Let’s learn more about her and her connection with the football star.


Candice Brook – Singer and Model

  • Born on July 18, 1987, in New York, USA.
  • Holds American nationality.
  • Noted for her work as a singer and model.


Family and Roots

Leroy Sané comes from an interesting background. Let’s take a look at his family and roots.

  • Father: Souleyman Sane, Senegalese former professional footballer.
    • Born on February 26, 1961, in Dakar, Senegal.
    • Currently 62 years old.
  • Mother: Regina Weber, former German gymnast.
    • Born on April 12, 1963, in Winsen, Germany.
    • Currently 59 years old.



  • Sidi Sané: Leroy’s brother, a German football player.
  • Kim Sané: Another brother, also a football player.


Kids and Family

Leroy Sané doesn’t have children of his own as of now.

Leroy Sané’s Net Worth

Leroy Sané has made a name for himself in the world of football. His net worth is estimated to be around 20 million euros.


Physical Statistics

Leroy Sané’s physical attributes are worth noting.

  • Height: Stands at 6 feet 0 inches.
  • Weight: Weighs 80kg.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Who is Leroy Sané?

  • A renowned German footballer playing for Bayern Munich as a winger.


Q2: How old is Leroy Sané?

  • Leroy Sané is currently 27 years old.

Q3: Who is Leroy Sané’s wife?

  • While he’s not married, he’s in a relationship with Candice Brook.

In Conclusion

Leroy Sané is a prominent figure in the world of football, known for his exceptional skills on the field. His partner, Candice Brook, adds a touch of glamour to his personal life. While they’re not married, their relationship has captured the attention of fans and the media alike. With a supportive family and a successful career, Sané continues to make his mark in the footballing arena.