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Mallory Ward is well recognized as the daughter of convicted murderer Bob Ward and Diane Ward.

Mallory and her sister Sarah gained media attention due to their father’s criminal case.


  • Who Is Mallory Ward?

    • Mallory Ward gained media attention for her connection with Mark Interlicchio as a State Prosecutor during her father’s conviction in 2018.


  • Mallory Ward Wiki, Age, Biography

    • Mallory Ward was born in America and is in her 30s.
    • She holds American nationality and follows the Christian religion.
    • Her family faced tragedy when her mother Diane Ward was murdered in 2009, and her father was convicted of the crime.


  • Mallory Ward Parents and Siblings

    • Mallory Ward’s parents are American citizens named Diane Ward and Bob Ward.
    • She has a sister named Sarah Ward.


  • Mallory Ward Marital Status

    • Mallory Ward’s marital status remains undisclosed, as she values her privacy.


  • Mallory Ward Ethnicity, Nationality

    • Mallory Ward’s ethnicity is White, and she possesses American nationality.


  • Mallory Ward Height and Weight

    • There is no available information regarding Mallory Ward’s height and weight.


  • Mallory Ward Net Worth

    • Despite her connection to her father’s case, Mallory Ward’s exact net worth remains unknown.


  • Mallory Ward’s Online Presence

    • Mallory Ward’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube is not provided in the available information.


  • Frequently Asked Questions About Mallory Ward

1.Who is Mallory Ward?

Mallory Ward is known as the daughter of convicted murderer Bob Ward.


2.Who are Mallory Ward’s parents?

Mallory Ward’s mother is Diane Ward, and her father is Bob Ward.


3.What is Mallory Ward’s marital status?

Mallory Ward’s marital status is undisclosed.


4.What is Mallory Ward’s age?

Mallory Ward is approximately in her 30s.


5.What nationality does Mallory Ward hold?

Mallory Ward is an American national.


6.Where was Mallory Ward born?

Mallory Ward was born in America.

This article presents an overview of Mallory Ward’s background, including details about her parents, ethnicity, and personal life. Despite the media attention surrounding her father’s criminal case, Mallory Ward values her privacy and keeps certain aspects of her life undisclosed.