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  • A Facebook post claimed Virginia school principal, Mamasai Mamakusa, expelled two students for wearing crucifixes.
  • The post stirred anger and reactions, but it turned out to be fake.
  • Mamasai Mamakusa is not a real person, and the image used was from a website with free-to-use pictures.
  • The controversy arose from assumptions based on the hijab-wearing woman in the picture.
  • We should be cautious about believing everything on the internet without verifying the facts.


The Controversial Facebook Post

  • A Facebook page called “America’s Last Line of Defense” posted a picture of a woman, claiming she was Virginia school principal Mamasai Mamakusa.
  • The post stated that she had expelled two kids for wearing crucifixes and declared that there was no place for religion at school.
  • The image quickly sparked tensions in the USA and Canada, leading to numerous outbursts and angry comments.
  • However, the Facebook page later clarified that all their content was satirical and meant for entertainment purposes only.


The Truth About Mamasai Mamakusa

  • Mamasai Mamakusa is not a real person. The image was taken from a website called, which offers millions of freely usable images.
  • The controversy arose because the woman in the picture was wearing a hijab.
  • Many people assumed the post was true based solely on the woman’s attire, leading to misunderstandings and anger.


Being Cautious on the Internet

  • It is crucial to remember that not everything we see on the internet is true.
  • Before reacting to a post or news, it is essential to conduct our own investigation and verify the information.
  • In this case, the news about Mamasai Mamakusa and the expulsion of students for wearing crucifixes was entirely fake.


Remembering the Lesson

  • The incident surrounding the fake post serves as a reminder to be cautious and critical thinkers on the internet.
  • Blindly believing and reacting to posts without verifying the facts can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary anger.
  • Always question the authenticity of information before forming judgments about individuals or situations.



the controversy surrounding Mamasai Mamakusa and the expulsion of two students for wearing crucifixes turned out to be a hoax. The post on “America’s Last Line of Defense” was meant for entertainment purposes only. We should be vigilant and skeptical of information we encounter online and ensure we verify the facts before making any judgments or reacting emotionally. Being responsible internet users can help prevent unnecessary tensions and misunderstandings in the future.