Marcelo Brozovic Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


  • Marcelo Brozovic is a talented Croatian football player.
  • He’s part of Inter Milan, a club in Serie A, and represents Croatia in their national team.
  • Brozovic is known for his skills as a defensive midfielder.
  • He’s been on the field for Croatia in major events like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship.


Marriage to Silvija Lihtar: A Beautiful Bond

  • Marcelo Brozovic is a happily married man, and his wife’s name is Silvija Lihtar.
  • Silvija Lihtar is an educated woman, having graduated from Pravni fakultet u Zagrebu.
  • The couple exchanged vows in the year 2016, marking the beginning of their journey together.
  • Their love story has brought forth two wonderful children:
    • A daughter named Aurora, who was born in 2017.
    • A son named Rafael, who arrived in October 2019.


A Closer Look at Marcelo Brozovic

  • Born on 16 November 1992, Marcelo Brozovic hails from Zagreb, Croatia.
  • He’s 30 years old as of 2022, showcasing his experience and dedication to the sport.
  • Marcelo’s family includes his parents Ivan Brozovic and Sanja Brozovic.
  • He also shares a sibling bond with his brother Patrick Brozovic and sister Ema Brozovic.


Silvija Lihtar: More Than Just a Wife

  • Silvija Lihtar is more than just Marcelo Brozovic’s wife; she’s a partner in every sense.
  • Her education journey led her to Pravni fakultet u Zagrebu, shaping her into a knowledgeable individual.


Marcelo Brozovic’s Football Journey

  • Marcelo has been a standout player in Croatian football.
  • He’s represented his country in multiple FIFA World Cup editions: 2014, 2018, and 2022.
  • The UEFA European Championship also saw him donning Croatia’s colors in 2016 and 2020.


Family First: Marcelo’s Parenthood

  • Marcelo and Silvija’s marriage isn’t just about them; it’s about their growing family.
  • Aurora, their daughter born in 2017, brought immense joy and happiness.
  • Adding to their happiness, Rafael, their son, came into their lives in October 2019.

Education and Achievements

  • Silvija Lihtar’s graduation from Pravni fakultet u Zagrebu is a testament to her dedication.
  • Marcelo Brozovic’s journey from a young player to representing top clubs is an inspiration.


Behind the Numbers: Marcelo Brozovic’s Age and More

  • With his birthdate as 16 November 1992, Marcelo’s age reached 30 by 2022.
  • His growth as a footballer and a person is reflected in his journey.


Heartwarming Bonds: Siblings and More

  • The Brozovic family bond is strong, with Ivan and Sanja as loving parents.
  • Siblings Ema Brozovic and Patrick Brozovic share a close-knit relationship with Marcelo.


A Glimpse into Marcelo’s Net Worth

  • While specific figures might not be available, Marcelo Brozovic’s success has contributed to his financial stability.
  • His dedication to football and consistent performance have surely been rewarding.


Aurora and Rafael: A Joyful Addition

  • Aurora’s birth in 2017 and Rafael’s arrival in 2019 have brought immense happiness to the family.
  • Marcelo and Silvija cherish their roles as parents alongside their other endeavors.


Education and Growth: Silvija’s Journey

  • Silvija Lihtar’s education journey at Pravni fakultet u Zagrebu laid the foundation for her future.


In Conclusion

Marcelo Brozovic’s wife, Silvija Lihtar, stands by his side as a supportive partner. With a thriving family and a passion for football, Marcelo’s journey continues to inspire. Through victories and challenges, Silvija and Marcelo navigate life’s intricacies together, showing that their love story is one for the ages.