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  • Max Mosley, a Renowned British Racing Driver and FIA President
  • Co-founder of March Engineering and FOCA Leader
  • A Glimpse into Max Mosley’s Personal Life and Net Worth


Max Mosley’s Impactful Journey

  • Max Mosley was a prominent British racing driver, lawyer, and president of FIA.
  • Co-founder of March Engineering and a key figure in Formula One racing.
  • Led Formula One Constructors’ Association (FOCA) from 1969 to 1977.


Exploring Max Mosley’s Personal Details

  • Fans curious about Max Mosley’s Wife, Parents, Ethnicity, Wiki, Biography, Age, and Net Worth.
  • Max Mosley’s passing at 81 due to cancer, a decision he shared the night before with his assistant.


Max Mosley’s Profile

  • Known as Max Rufus Mosley, born on April 13, 1940, in London, UK.
  • A British national with strong ties to Christianity.
  • Educated at Christ Church School and University of Oxford.
  • Married to Jean Mosley, with two children named Alexander and Patrick Mosley.


Diving into Family and Ethnicity

  • Father: Oswald Mosley; Mother: Diana Mitford.
  • Siblings: Oswald Alexander, Michael, Nicholas, Vivien, Jonathan Guinness, Desmond Guinness.
  • Max Mosley’s British nationality rooted in his upbringing in the UK.


Max Mosley’s Achievements and Legacy

  • Successful racing career intertwined with his legal and leadership roles.
  • Instrumental in advancing motoring organizations’ interests globally.
  • Co-founder of March Engineering and a significant contributor to Formula One.


Understanding Max Mosley’s Net Worth

  • Max Mosley’s net worth estimated at approximately $16 million.


Remembering Max Mosley on Social Media

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  • Fans can explore his journey and connect through various platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions about Max Mosley


1.Who was Max Mosley?

    • Max Mosley was a distinguished British racing driver, lawyer, and president of FIA.


2.Who was Max Mosley’s wife?

    • Max Mosley’s wife was Jean Mosley.


3.What was Max Mosley’s Net Worth?

    • Max Mosley’s net worth was approximately $16 million.

Max Mosley’s life marked by his accomplishments in racing, leadership, and legal endeavors. His legacy continues to inspire and influence the motorsport community.