Natasha Woodbridge Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


  • odd Woodbridge, also known as Todd Andrew Woodbridge, is a former Australian professional tennis player and current sports broadcaster with the Nine Network.


Who Is Natasha Woodbridge?

  • Natasha Provis is the first wife of Todd Woodbridge.
  • She is related to Nicole, a retired professional tennis athlete.
  • Todd and Natasha got married in a private ceremony in Melbourne in 1995.
  • They are proud parents of two children, Zara Woodbridge and Beau Woodbridge.
  • The Woodbridge family shares a close bond and often captures special moments during the holiday season.


Physical Statistics:

  • Unfortunately, there are no specific details available on Natasha Woodbridge’s physical statistics.


  • Husband: Todd Woodbridge
  • Children: Zara Woodbridge and Beau Woodbridge
  • Sibling: Related to Nicole, a retired professional tennis athlete


Net Worth:

  • Natasha Woodbridge’s net worth is not publicly available.



  • There is no information available on Natasha Woodbridge’s educational background.


  • Natasha Woodbridge, as the first wife of Todd Woodbridge, remains a private individual with limited information available to the public.
  • She shares a loving family with Todd, and they seem to cherish their moments together.
  • While not much is known about Natasha, her connection to the world of tennis through her sibling Nicole adds an intriguing dimension to her life story.