Nyck De Vries Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


In this article, discover all you need to know about Nyck De Vries’s sister, his family, his girlfriend Seychelle de Vries, and his own details. Let’s dive into the world of racing and relationships!


  • Nyck De Vries Overview:

    • Nyck De Vries is a Dutch racing driver.
    • He is the reserve driver for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team.
    • In 2023, he will be driving full-time for Scuderia AlphaTauri.
    • He made his Formula One debut for Williams at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix.


  • Seychelle de Vries: Nyck De Vries’s Sister:

    • Seychelle de Vries is Nyck De Vries’s sister.
    • She was studying Business Administration at Westminster University.
    • She is engaged and resides in the United Kingdom.


  • George Russell’s Girlfriend: Seychelle de Vries:

    • Seychelle de Vries is the girlfriend of British racing driver George Russell.
    • George Russell competes in Formula One for Mercedes.
    • They first met during the Formula 2 Championship races.


  • Seychelle de Vries’s Details:

    • Born in 1997, Seychelle is currently 25 years old.
    • She is a college student.
    • Her height is 5 feet 7 inches.


  • Nyck De Vries’s Family:

    • Nyck De Vries’s parents are Hendrik Jan de Vries (Father) and Naomi Hesseling (Mother).
    • His father works as a car dealer.


  • Nyck De Vries: Age and Birthplace:

    • Nyck De Vries was born on 6 February 1995.
    • He is currently 27 years old.
    • His birthplace is Uitwellingerga, Netherlands.
    • His zodiac sign is Aquarius.


  • Physical Characteristics:

    • Nyck De Vries’s height is 5 feet 7 inches (167cm).
    • His weight is 67kg.


  • Nyck De Vries’s Net Worth:

    • Nyck De Vries’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.1 Who is Nyck De Vries’s Wife?

A. Nyck De Vries is not married. He has a girlfriend named Evan Brunggenwirth.


Q.2 When was Nyck De Vries Born?

A. Nyck De Vries was born on 6 February 1995.


Q.3 Who is Nyck De Vries’s Sister?

A. Nyck De Vries’s sister is Seychelle de Vries, who is a college student.


Q.4 Who is Nyck De Vries?

A. Nyck De Vries is a talented Dutch racing driver. He serves as a reserve driver.


Q.5 What is Nyck De Vries’s Nationality?

A. Nyck De Vries’s nationality is Dutch.

In this article, we delved into Nyck De Vries’s racing journey, his sister Seychelle, his girlfriend George Russell, and his family background. From his impressive racing career to his personal life, Nyck De Vries’s story is one of passion and dedication.