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The Way of Water, one of the main characters is Miles Socorro, also known as “Spider.” His mother, Paz Socorro, played a crucial role in his life. Let’s delve into the story of Paz Socorro and her connection to Spider in Avatar 2.


Who is Paz Socorro?

  • Paz Socorro was recognized as the mother of Miles Socorro, affectionately known as “Spider.”
  • She was a skilled Scorpion pilot and served in the Resources Development Administration’s SecOps division.
  • Tragically, Paz lost her life during the attack on the Tree of Souls in 2154, leaving Miles orphaned at a young age.


Paz Socorro’s Role in Avatar 2:

  • In the Avatar comic, it is revealed that Paz Socorro is Spider’s mother.
  • She passed away shortly after Spider’s birth, leaving a significant impact on his life.
  • In Avatar 2, it is uncovered that Spider’s biological father is none other than Miles Quaritch, with whom Paz became involved while working on Pandora.
  • Spider’s birth marks a remarkable event, as he is the first known human to be born on Pandora, the distant and enigmatic moon.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Unfortunately, detailed physical statistics of Paz Socorro are not available in the reference article.
  • However, it is important to acknowledge her bravery and dedication as a Scorpion pilot.


Family and Relationships:

  • Paz Socorro was the caring mother of Miles Socorro, aka “Spider,” whom she loved dearly.
  • While working on Pandora, she developed a relationship with Miles Quaritch, leading to the birth of Spider.
  • Spider’s unique parentage, with a human mother and a father from Pandora, makes him an extraordinary character in the Avatar universe.



  • Information about Paz Socorro’s education is not provided in the reference article.
  • However, her skills as a Scorpion pilot indicate she must have received specialized training.


Hobbies and Interests:

  • The reference article does not mention Paz Socorro’s hobbies and interests.
  • Given her occupation as a Scorpion pilot, she likely had a passion for aviation and adventure.


Net Worth:

  • Regrettably, details regarding Paz Socorro’s net worth were not included in the reference article.
  • As a dedicated Scorpion pilot, she might have earned a respectable income from her work.



Paz Socorro played an essential role in the Avatar universe as the mother of Miles Socorro, known as “Spider.” Her courage and dedication as a Scorpion pilot in the Resources Development Administration’s SecOps division left a lasting impact on her son’s life. In Avatar 2, Spider’s true parentage is revealed, making him a unique and fascinating character in the saga. While some details about Paz Socorro remain unknown, her legacy lives on through her son, Spider, in the captivating world of Pandora.