Raphy Pina Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family



  • Raphy Pina is a well-known American artist manager and the proud owner of the famous Pina Records.
  • He has collaborated with many talented singers, including Daddy Yankee, R.K.M, and Ken-Y.
  • Recently, Raphy Pina faced legal trouble and was sentenced to prison for 3 years and 5 months.
  • The charges against him were related to the possession of an automatic weapon and firearms, despite being a convicted felon.


Raphy Pina’s Personal Life

  • Raphy Pina is currently engaged to American singer Natti Natasha, who is also a manager at Pina Records.
  • His first marriage was with Carolina Aristizabal in 2011, but they decided to part ways in 2019.


Physical Characteristics

  • Full Name: Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves
  • Profession: Record Producer
  • Nickname: Raphy Pina
  • Age: 43 Years Old
  • Date Of Birth: July 4, 1978
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: San Juan, Puerto Rica



  • Raphy Pina has four children: Rafael Jr., Mia, Antonio Pina, and Vida Isabelle. The first three are from his previous marriage, and the fourth is with his current fiancée, Natti Natasha.


Net Worth

  • Raphy Pina has built a successful career as a record producer, accumulating a net worth of $10 Million.



  • Although specific details about his education are not available, Raphy Pina’s interest in record production was inspired by his father.


Frequently Asked Questions about Raphy Pina


1.Who is Raphy Pina?

    • Raphy Pina is an American record producer known for his work with Pina Records.


2.Who is Raphy Pina’s fiancée?

    • Raphy Pina’s fiancée is Natti Natasha, an American singer and manager at Pina Records.


3.What led to Raphy Pina’s legal troubles?

    • Raphy Pina faced legal issues related to the possession of illegal firearms, resulting in a prison sentence.


4.Is Raphy Pina from Puerto Rico?

    • Yes, Raphy Pina was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


5.How old is Raphy Pina?

    • Raphy Pina is currently 43 years old, born on July 4, 1978.


In conclusion

Raphy Pina’s journey as a record producer has been marked by remarkable successes, but he also faced challenges in his personal life. Despite his legal struggles, he remains a respected figure in the music industry. His commitment to music and talent as a producer have contributed significantly to his impressive net worth. As he continues to evolve in his career, we can expect more incredible achievements from Raphy Pina and Pina Records in the future.