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  • Suzy Lamplugh Brother Richard Lamplugh continues to seek justice for his sister, Suzy Lamplugh, who disappeared more than 35 years ago and was declared dead.
  • Suzy Lamplugh was a British agent who vanished at the age of 25, leaving her family in mourning and longing for justice.
  • Richard Lamplugh’s father, Paul, suffered from “Parkinson’s disease” before passing away in 2018, never seeing justice for Suzy.
  • As of 2023, Richard Lamplugh appears to be in good health and has not disclosed any illness.
  • Despite the challenges, Richard Lamplugh still holds hope for finding his sister’s body.


Suzy Lamplugh Brother Illness

  • Richard Lamplugh is currently in good health and shows no signs of any illness.
  • His father, Paul, battled Parkinson’s disease before his passing in 2018, without seeing closure for Suzy’s case.
  • Richard Lamplugh hasn’t disclosed any health issues and was last seen in the media looking healthy and composed.
  • He expresses the emotional toll of searching repeatedly for Suzy’s body and the difficulty of enduring the process.


What Illness Did Richard Lamplugh Have?

  • Richard Lamplugh has not been known to have any illness.
  • However, his father, Paul, struggled with Parkinson’s disease before his demise.
  • Richard has maintained privacy about his health and has not shared any information regarding his own well-being.


How Is His Health In 2023?

  • In 2023, Richard Lamplugh continues to appear in good health.
  • He has not experienced any illness and seems to be doing well.
  • The media last saw him looking healthy and strong.



Name Age Status
Suzy Lamplugh 25 Declared deceased
Richard Lamplugh N/A In good health
Paul Lamplugh 87 Deceased (2018)


Physical Characteristics

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  • Suzy Lamplugh’s family continues to mourn her loss and seek justice.
  • Richard Lamplugh is the brother of Suzy Lamplugh and son of Paul Lamplugh.



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Net Worth

  • Richard Lamplugh’s net worth details have not been mentioned in the available information.


In conclusion

Richard Lamplugh, the brother of the late Suzy Lamplugh, continues to live his life while carrying the weight of seeking justice for his sister. He appears to be in good health and remains hopeful about finding her body someday. The family still mourns Suzy’s loss, and their journey for justice continues.