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  • Tahmar is the wife of Tomi Arayomi, a well-known author.
  • Not much information is available about her profession or birth date.
  • Her age is undisclosed due to lack of birth date information.
  • Her birthday seems to be celebrated annually on February 5th, based on her husband’s Facebook account.
  • She is a mother of three children.


Tomi Arayomi’s Wife: A Partner in Life

  • Tomi Arayomi is a married man, with Tahmar as his spouse.
  • Details about their wedding date and location are not provided.
  • The couple’s dating history and first meeting remain undisclosed.
  • Any updates on their relationship will be shared as they emerge.
  • Some reports suggest that both Tahmar and personal assistant Emmanuel have faced legal issues.


Tomi Arayomi Wife’s Age: A Guess

  • Tahmar’s exact birth date is unknown, but she was born on February 5th.
  • Her age is estimated to be around 30-35 years old.

Tomi Arayomi: Family and Children

  • Tomi Arayomi and Tahmar are parents to three children.
  • Unfortunately, details about these children are not available.
  • Information about Tomi Arayomi’s parents remains undisclosed.
  • He has a twin brother named Tobi Arayomi.


Biography and Age: Tomi Arayomi’s Journey

  • Tomi Arayomi was born on January 7th, 1987, with the full name Tomi Sylvester Arayomi.
  • As of 2023, he is 36 years old.
  • His birthplace is not specified in available information.
  • Tomi Arayomi is the Founder of Restoring Isaachers Generation (RIG).
  • Certain sources mention arrests of his wife Tahmar and personal assistant Emmanuel, but details are limited.


Tomi Arayomi’s Net Worth: A Mystery

  • Despite being a prolific author with 10 captivating books and a pastor of Mine, his net worth is not disclosed.


FAQ About Tomi Arayomi


Q.1 Who is Tomi Arayomi?

A: Tomi Arayomi is a renowned author of 10 compelling books and serves as the pastor of Mine. He is also the Founder of Restoring Isaachers Generation (RIG).


Q.2 What is Tomi Arayomi’s height?

A: Tomi Arayomi’s height information is not available.


Q.3 Who is Tomi Arayomi’s wife?

A: Tomi Arayomi’s wife is named Tahmar.


In Conclusion

Tahmar remains a mysterious figure, often overshadowed by her husband’s accomplishments. Despite the limited information available, she stands as an integral part of Tomi Arayomi’s life. As for Tomi Arayomi himself, he has made a significant impact as an author and pastor, although details about his personal life and wealth continue to pique curiosity.