Tariq Lamptey Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Tariq Lamptey: An Introduction Tariq Lamptey is a professional football player from England. He mostly plays as a right-wing-back. He’s part of the Premier League team Brighton & Hove Albion and the England under-21 national squad. His football career took off when he made his debut against Arsenal in the Premier League. He has also played in three games for the blues.

Discovering Tariq Lamptey’s Background In this article, we delve into various aspects of Tariq Lamptey’s life, including his parents, their nationality, his height, transfer news, age, and net worth.


Tariq Lamptey’s Parents and Family

  • Tariq’s father is named Ahmed Lamptey.
  • Unfortunately, his mother’s name is not publicly known.
  • On December 29, 2019, Tariq’s father, Ahmed Lamptey, became a proud parent as his son marked his professional debut.
  • Ahmed Lamptey is more than just a father; he’s also a football agent who looks after his son’s career interests.
  • Tariq has three brothers, but their names are not disclosed.


The Nationality of Tariq Lamptey’s Parents

  • Born in England, Tariq Lamptey has Ghanaian roots.
  • Despite his Ghanaian descent, his parents hold British nationality.
  • Tariq himself holds British nationality and is connected to Ghana’s ethnic heritage.


Physical Statistics of Tariq Lamptey

  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 62 kg


Transfer News and Contract

  • There have been talks of Tariq Lamptey possibly moving to Arsenal.
  • Transfer specialist Duncan Castles has stated that Mikel Arteta’s team has shown interest in the 21-year-old player.
  • On January 17, 2021, Lamptey extended his contract by signing a new three-and-a-half-year deal.


Tariq Lamptey’s Age, Wiki, and Biography

  • Tariq Lamptey, the English football talent, is currently 21 years old, based on information from 2022.
  • His full name is Tariq Kwame Nii-Lante Lamptey.
  • He was born on September 30, 2000, in Hillingdon, England.
  • Details about his education are not available at this time.
  • With his zodiac sign being Libra, Tariq resides in Hillingdon, England.
  • Interestingly, he underwent a switch to Ghana, as confirmed by his trainer.


Tariq Lamptey’s Impressive Net Worth

  • Tariq Lamptey is renowned for his skills on the football field, and this has contributed to a net worth of approximately $16.5 million.


Connect with Tariq Lamptey on Social Media

  • While specific social media links are not provided in the reference, you might find Tariq Lamptey on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


Frequently Asked Questions about Tariq Lamptey

1.Who is Tariq Lamptey?

    • Tariq Lamptey is a talented English professional football player.


2.What is Tariq Lamptey’s height?

    • Tariq Lamptey stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.


In summary

Tariq Lamptey’s journey in the football world has been notable. From his family background to his impressive skills on the field and his potential transfer news, Lamptey continues to make a mark. His age, biography, and net worth further contribute to the intriguing story of this young football star.