Theo Hernandez Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Theo Hernandez, also known as Theo Bernard François Hernandez, is a talented French professional football player. He’s a left-back for Serie A’s Associazione Calcio Milan Football Club and the French national team. Renowned for his speed, goal-scoring prowess, and impressive runs on the field, Theo Hernandez stands out as one of the finest left-backs globally.


Theo Hernandez Wife – A Sneak Peek into His Personal Life:

While Theo Hernandez hasn’t tied the knot yet, he shares his life with his girlfriend, Zoe Cristofoli. Zoe, a dedicated Hardcore-style model, made a special trip to Qatar to support the French national team and her beloved Theo Hernandez during crucial matches.

Zoe Cristofoli – A Closer Look: – Birthdate:

17 February 1983 Zoe Cristofoli is a determined businessperson and a spirited cheerleader. Unlike many, she didn’t pursue higher education after high school but jumped into the workforce at a young age. Her journey began with various part-time jobs, including being a nanny, waitress, and even a motorcycle mechanic. Currently, she operates a tattoo parlor in Italy, marking her success as a thriving entrepreneur.


Zoe Cristofoli And Theo Hernandez’s Bundle of Joy:

The love story between Theo Hernandez and Zoe Cristofoli blossomed into a beautiful family. They are parents to a son, who brought immense joy into their lives. Zoe revealed her pregnancy joyfully on Instagram, sharing delightful pictures of her growing baby bump. Their son, fittingly named Theo Junior, is a testament to their love and commitment.


Theo Hernandez’s Impressive Career:

On 7 July 2019, Theo Hernandez made a significant move to AC Milan in a lucrative deal, potentially valued at €20 million. This deal is set to keep him with the club until the culmination of the 2025-26 season, showcasing the trust and confidence the team has in his skills.


Theo Hernandez’s Financial Status: – Annual Earnings:

Approximately €2.7 million – Net Worth (as of 2022): $5 million Theo Hernandez’s hard work and dedication have paid off, reflected in his earnings. With an annual income of around €2.7 million, he has managed to accumulate a net worth of $5 million by 2022, an impressive testament to his successful career.



In the midst of his exceptional football career, Theo Hernandez shares a heartwarming bond with Zoe Cristofoli, a dedicated businesswoman and his loving girlfriend. Their journey together includes not only exciting career accomplishments but also the joys of parenthood. With a bright future ahead, both professionally and personally, Theo Hernandez and Zoe Cristofoli continue to captivate the hearts of their fans worldwide.