Vinod Kambli Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Vinod Kambli, the former cricketer from India, was known for his powerful batting skills. He made history by becoming the first cricketer to score a century in a one-day international match on his birthday, January 18th.


Early Life and Career

  • Vinod Kambli was born on January 18, 1972.
  • He played as a left-handed middle-order batsman.
  • He holds the highest career batting average for an Indian test cricketer, which is 54.
  • Remarkably, he achieved this record while still being very young, as he played his last match at the age of only 23.


Financial Status and Ambitions

  • Vinod Kambli’s financial condition is not favorable at the moment.
  • His main source of income is a pension of 30000 from BCCI.
  • Despite the challenges, he aspires to continue working in cricket.


Marriages and Relationships

  • Vinod Kambli has had two marriages in his life.
  • He first married Noella Lewis in 1998. She worked as a receptionist at Hotel Blue Diamond in Pune and is a Catholic.
  • His second wife is Andrea Hewitt, a Fashion designer, and their marriage took place in 2006.
  • After marrying Andrea, Vinod Kambli converted to Christianity.


Family and Siblings

  • Vinod Kambli’s parents are Ganpat Kambli (Father) and Vijaya Kambli (Mother). His father worked as a Mechanic.
  • Among his siblings, he has three brothers: Virendra Kambli, Vidhyadhar Kambli, and Vikas Kambli.
  • He also has a sister named Vidya Kambli.
  • Notably, he shared a strong childhood friendship with Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.



  • Vinod Kambli has a son named Jesus Christiano Kambli from his second wife, Andrea Hewitt.


Physical Characteristics

  • Vinod Kambli’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, which translates to around 170 cm.
  • His weight is approximately 80 kg.


Net Worth

  • Vinod Kambli’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.
  • During his playing days, his salary was $1 million.


Continuing Legacy

Vinod Kambli, despite facing financial challenges, remains a prominent figure in the cricket world due to his incredible records and achievements. His friendship with Sachin Tendulkar is a testament to his close connections within the cricket community.


In conclusion

Vinod Kambli’s journey from a young and talented cricketer to a respected figure in the cricket world, along with his personal life and relationships, showcases the diverse aspects of his life. His passion for the game and his determination to overcome challenges continue to inspire cricket enthusiasts around the world.