Who is Brandon Smiley? | Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family


Brandon Smiley, known for his comedic talents and presence in the entertainment industry, left an indelible mark on the hearts of his audience. Let’s take a moment to remember and honor his life.


A Comedic Star

  • Brandon Smiley was an American television host, performer, and radio host known for his comedic antics and sense of humor.
  • He gained recognition as a television and radio personality, following in the footsteps of his father, Rickey Smiley.


Early Life and Career

  • Born in February 1990, Brandon Smiley was raised in the United States and grew up with comedy and entertainment all around him.
  • He began hosting the morning show for Dallas, Texas’s KBFB radio station and gained popularity for his prank calls, music, and humor.
  • Brandon’s career path was influenced by his father’s success, and he made appearances in comic books and television shows.


A Legacy of Laughter

  • Brandon Smiley’s comedic talents brought joy to countless people, and his humor resonated with audiences across various platforms.


Family and Relationships

  • Brandon Smiley was a loving father and partner. He shared his life with his girlfriend Brooke Antonette.
  • The couple welcomed their son, Storm Smiley, into the world on July 31, 2019, marking a new chapter in Brandon’s life.


Cherishing Memories

  • Brandon’s memory lives on through his comedic work and the love he shared with his family and friends.


A Final Farewell

  • Tragically, the Smiley family has faced heartbreak with the passing of Aaryn Smiley, Brandon’s sister, due to an act of gun violence in 2020.


Honoring His Impact

  • Brandon Smiley’s humor and laughter continue to be celebrated by those who knew him and enjoyed his work.




Who was Brandon Smiley?

    • Brandon Smiley was an American television host, performer, and radio host known for his comedic talents and appearances in the entertainment industry.


What was Brandon Smiley’s career?

    • Brandon Smiley hosted the morning show for KBFB radio station, gaining recognition for his humor and prank calls.


Did Brandon Smiley follow in his father’s footsteps?

    • Yes, Brandon’s career was influenced by his father, Rickey Smiley, who is also a well-known comedian and radio host.


Did Brandon Smiley have a family?

    • Brandon Smiley had a son named Storm Smiley with his girlfriend, Brooke Antonette.


What was Brandon Smiley’s net worth?

    • While the exact details of Brandon Smiley’s net worth are not disclosed, reports suggest it was between $500k and $1 million by 2022.


Brandon Smiley’s legacy in the entertainment world is a reminder of the power of laughter and the impact individuals can have through their talents and passions. He will always be remembered for his ability to bring smiles to people’s faces.