Who is Colleen Hoover? | Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family


Colleen Hoover is a renowned American author celebrated for her contributions to the genres of romance and young adult fiction. Born on December 11th, 1979, her remarkable literary journey has captivated readers worldwide. Notably, her 2016 novel “It Ends with Us” stands as one of her most acclaimed works. Let’s delve into the various facets of Colleen Hoover’s life, including her parents, education, career, and personal relationships.


Parental Background:

  • Colleen Hoover’s parents are Eddie Fennell and Vannoy Fite.
  • Their identities have been a topic of intrigue among fans and followers.


Education and Roots:

  • Born to Eddie Fennell and Vannoy Fite in Sulphur Springs, Texas, Hoover was raised in Saltillo, Texas.
  • She completed her high school education in 1998 in Saltillo.
  • Hoover pursued higher education at Texas Commerce, earning a degree in social work.
  • Before embarking on her writing journey, she engaged in various teaching and social work roles.


Emergence of a Literary Career:

  • Hoover initiated her journey as an author by crafting her debut book “Slammed” in November 2011.
  • Initially intended for personal creation rather than publication, “Slammed” saw Hoover incorporating Avett Brothers lyrics into the narrative.
  • Inspired by the Avett Brothers song “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise,” Hoover’s book garnered significance.
  • In January 2012, she self-published “Slammed,” offering it to her mother, who had acquired an Amazon Kindle.
  • Following this, Hoover introduced “Point of Retreat” in February 2012, continuing her self-publishing endeavors.
  • In December 2012, she achieved further acclaim with “Hopeless,” a book delving into the life of a girl transitioning from homeschooling to public high school.
  • “Hopeless” secured the top spot on the New York Times bestseller list on January 20th.


Personal Relationships and Privacy:

  • Colleen Hoover is married to William Heath Hoover.
  • She remains discreet about her previous relationships and dating history, maintaining privacy in her personal affairs.
  • Ensuring her personal life remains shielded, she has effectively steered clear of controversies that could potentially impact her career.
  • Her reputation stands untarnished, as she has managed to maintain a clean record and avoid conflicts.


Accolades and Net Worth:

  • As of January 2023, Colleen Hoover was 41 years old.
  • Her remarkable contributions to the literary world have culminated in an estimated net worth of $6 million.
  • Writing professionally has been a significant source of income for Hoover, reflecting her passion and dedication to her craft.



Colleen Hoover’s journey from a Texas upbringing to a prolific author is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and determination. With her literary prowess and ability to engage readers through her heartfelt narratives, she has secured her place in the hearts of literature enthusiasts worldwide. Her books continue to resonate with readers, making her a celebrated figure in the realm of romance and young adult fiction.