Who is Kodi Lee? Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Affairs, Family



Explore the remarkable story of Kodi Lee, a talented American singer, musician, and reality television personality who gained widespread recognition through his appearance on “America’s Got Talent.” Kodi’s incredible performance and unique abilities have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Let’s delve into his background, achievements, and the extraordinary journey that has defined his life.


Kodi Lee: A Rising Star on “America’s Got Talent”:

  • Kodi Lee, born on July 7, 1996, in South Carolina, is a gifted singer, musician, and Instagram star.
  • At the young age of 22, Kodi made history as the first contestant on “America’s Got Talent 2019” to receive a coveted golden buzzer.


Remarkable Performance on AGT:

  • Kodi Lee’s unforgettable journey on “America’s Got Talent” began with his rendition of the iconic song “A Song For You” by Leon Russell.
  • Despite his blindness and autism, Kodi showcased his extraordinary talent by not only singing but also playing the piano.
  • Gabrielle Union, one of the show’s judges, pressed the golden buzzer for Kodi, earning him a standing ovation from all four judges.


Early Life and Challenges:

  • Kodi Lee’s parents discovered his diagnosis of blindness and autism when he was just 4 years old.
  • Born with optic nerve hypoplasia, Kodi underwent life-saving surgery at only 5 days old.
  • Despite these challenges, Kodi’s love for music became a lifeline, playing a crucial role in his growth and development.


Wiki & Biography:

  • Full Birth Name: Kodi Lee.
  • Profession: Reality TV Personality, Singer, Musician, and Instagram Star.
  • Age: 22 years old (as of 2018).
  • Birthplace: South Carolina, United States.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Kodi Lee became famous for his appearance on “America’s Got Talent” and receiving the golden buzzer.
  • Ethnicity: Multiracial (Korean-American).
  • Religion: Christianity.
  • Home: California, United States.


Physical Attributes:

  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (164 cm).
  • Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg).
  • Kodi Lee’s physical measurements: 35-28-35.
  • Eye Color: Brown.
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown.


Family Ties:

  • Parents: Father (Name not found, Businessman) and Mother (Tina Lee).
  • Siblings: Brother Derek Lee and Sister Kayla Lee.


Personal Life:

  • Marital Status: Unmarried.
  • Kodi Lee’s dating history remains undisclosed.
  • He doesn’t have a spouse or children.


Education and Hobbies:

  • Kodi Lee graduated from Elsinore High School.
  • He possesses an extraordinary audio photographic memory, enabling him to remember songs after hearing them just once.
  • Kodi’s passion for music has led him to perform on various platforms globally.


Financial Success:

  • Kodi Lee’s net worth is estimated to be $250,000 US Dollars (2019).
  • His appearance on “America’s Got Talent” significantly contributed to his popularity and earnings.


Impactful Achievements:

  • Kodi’s journey on “America’s Got Talent” inspired millions, leading him to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
  • He’s not limited to singing; Kodi Lee is also proficient in playing the guitar.



Kodi Lee’s story serves as a testament to the incredible power of determination, passion, and talent. Despite the challenges he faced due to blindness and autism, Kodi’s music has illuminated his path and brought him international acclaim. With his remarkable journey and achievements, Kodi Lee stands as an inspiration to all, showing that true talent knows no bounds.