Who is Patty Gasso? | Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family

Who is Patty Gasso? Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family



Patty Gasso is a prominent American softball coach, best known for her exceptional coaching career with the Oklahoma Sooners. With a track record of victories and accolades, she has left an indelible mark in the world of college softball. In this article, we explore not only her coaching achievements but also check out her personal life, including her husband, salary, family, and more.


Patty Gasso’s Coaching Triumphs

  • Patty Gasso has been coaching at the University of Oklahoma since 1995, where she has achieved remarkable success.
  • She has secured the title of NFCA National Coaching Staff of the Year on four occasions, highlighting her coaching prowess.
  • Gasso’s dedication has earned her the NFCA Central Regional Coaching Staff of the Year award nine times.
  • The Big 12 Tournament has been dominated by Gasso’s coaching, as she has emerged victorious eight times.
  • In the Women’s College World Series, Gasso’s leadership has resulted in her team winning the title five times, showcasing her exceptional coaching skills.


Patty Gasso’s Personal Life

  • Patty Gasso’s personal life is equally captivating as her coaching achievements.
  • She is a married woman, and her husband’s name is Jim Gasso. Jim wears multiple hats, being a business owner and a coach.
  • Jim Gasso owns Norman’s Intensity Sports Training Academy, contributing significantly to the sports community.


Exploring Patty Gasso’s Details

  • Dive into the comprehensive details of Patty Gasso’s life, covering aspects like her husband, salary, age, family, sons, height, weight, net worth, and Instagram presence.

Patty Gasso’s Annual Salary

  • Patty Gasso earns an impressive annual salary of $725,000 for her coaching excellence.


Patty Gasso’s Age

  • Patty Gasso was born on 27th May 1962, making her 60 years old as of 2022.


Patty Gasso’s Family

  • While the names and professional details of Patty Gasso’s parents remain unknown, her impact in the sports world is evident.
  • Details about whether she has siblings are not available.


Patty Gasso’s Sons

  • Patty Gasso is a proud mother of two sons, namely JT Gasso and DJ Gasso.


Patty Gasso’s Physical Statistics

  • Patty Gasso’s height and weight details are not publicly known.


Patty Gasso’s Net Worth

  • While the exact figures are not disclosed, Patty Gasso’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Patty Gasso’s Social Media Presence

  • Patty Gasso connects with her audience through her Instagram account, where she has around 1800 followers.
  • You can find her on Instagram under the username @pattygassosoftballcamps.


My Conclusive View

Patty Gasso’s journey is one of triumphs and dedication. Her coaching achievements have elevated her to a position of prominence, while her personal life reflects the values of family and support. With her husband, Jim Gasso, by her side, Patty continues to make waves in the world of softball coaching. Her legacy not only encompasses her victories but also her contributions to the sports community and the lives she touches.