Who is Romelu Lukaku? | Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family

Who is Romelu Lukaku? Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family



  • The spotlight is on Romelu Lukaku’s marital status, prompting fans to seek information about his relationship. Let’s explore his personal life and unveil the details that fans are curious about.
  • Romelu Lukaku, a renowned Belgian professional footballer, has made a name for himself as a striker for Inter Milan and the Belgium national team.


Exploring Romelu Lukaku’s Romantic Journey and Family

  • Delve into Romelu Lukaku’s journey, from his career milestones to his relationships.
  • Discover his past with pop star Megan Thee and his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Mains, who was also his wife.
  • Learn about their son, Romeo Lukaku, and the connection they shared.


Romelu Lukaku’s Path to Fame and Football Career

  • Romelu Lukaku has established himself as a football sensation, contributing significantly to Chelsea FC before moving to Inter Milan in 2021.
  • Witness his journey to become a football icon, winning hearts with his skills and dedication.


Unraveling Romelu Lukaku’s Current Relationship Status

  • As of now, Romelu Lukaku’s marital status is unmarried, and his relationship status remains a subject of speculation.
  • Learn about his past relationship with Sarah Mains, a Belgian model, and their journey of over 5 years before their breakup.
  • Discover the details about Sarah Mains, including her parentage, with her father being the Dutch television host and actor, Harry Maines.


The Quest for Romelu Lukaku’s Recent Relationship

  • Explore the rumors surrounding Romelu Lukaku’s potential romantic involvement with pop star Megan Thee.
  • Stay updated on the latest developments in his personal life as fans eagerly search for authentic information.


Understanding Romelu Lukaku’s Age and Heritage

  • Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli was born on May 13, 1993, in Antwerp, Belgium, giving him Belgian and Congolese nationality.
  • As of 2024, he stands at the age of 30, with a journey enriched by his diverse heritage.


Romelu Lukaku’s Family Bonds and Roots

  • Learn about Romelu Lukaku’s family, including his father, Roger Lukaku, who was a retired footballer.
  • Roger Lukaku’s career included playing for KV Oostende, KV Mechelen, and Germinal Ekeren, showcasing his passion for the sport.
  • Romelu Lukaku’s mother, Adolphine Lukaku, and his sibling, Jordan Lukaku, complete his family circle.


Exploring Romelu Lukaku’s Financial Success

  • Romelu Lukaku’s net worth has been the subject of speculation, with numbers circulating about his wealth.
  • While the exact figure remains undisclosed, estimates suggest his net worth is approximately $150 Million.


Stay Connected with Romelu Lukaku

  • Connect with Romelu Lukaku and stay updated on his journey through his social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.


Frequently Asked Questions About Romelu Lukaku’s Personal Life

  • Q. Is Romelu Lukaku Married?
    • No, Romelu Lukaku is not married, and his current relationship status is under review.
  • Q. Who are Romelu Lukaku’s parents?
    • Romelu Lukaku’s parents are Roger Lukaku (father) and Adolphine Lukaku (mother), with a family rooted in football.
  • Q. How many children does Romelu Lukaku have?
    • Romelu Lukaku is a proud father to a son named Romeo Lukaku, adding to the dynamics of his personal life.