Who is RS Bhatti IPS? | Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family



  • Rajwinder Singh Bhatti, famously known as RS Bhatti, is a distinguished name in the realm of Indian law enforcement. His unwavering commitment and duty-driven approach have marked his journey as a beacon of excellence.
  • Born on September 27, 1965, RS Bhatti’s astrological sign is Libra, showcasing his balance and determination. His birthplace lies in the vibrant state of Punjab.
  • The pages of his illustrious career have been adorned with significant roles, including Superintendent of Police (SP) in various districts such as Siwan, Purnia, and Bokaro (now part of Jharkhand). His tenure witnessed notable instances, including his instrumental role in apprehending Shahabuddin, the former MP.
  • RS Bhatti’s resolute actions extended to curbing the influence of dominant figures in Saran, where he confronted the authoritative leader and former MP, Prabhunath Singh, and the late Dilip Singh, elder brother of former Mokama MLA Bahubali Anant Singh, in distinct cases.


RS Bhatti’s Profound Impact as Bihar’s DGP

  • A recent notification by the Home Department brought forth a pivotal announcement: Rajwinder Singh Bhatti, a 1990 batch IPS officer of Bihar cadre, has been appointed as the Director-General of Police (DGP) for Bihar until further orders.
  • Presently serving under Central deputation, RS Bhatti holds the position of Additional Shock (Eastern Command) within the Border Security Force (BSF), illustrating his invaluable contribution to the nation’s security.


A Glimpse into RS Bhatti’s Personal Realm

  • While RS Bhatti’s professional achievements are well-documented, details about his marital status and children remain unexplored. The enigmatic shroud over this aspect of his life adds an air of intrigue.


Affirming RS Bhatti’s Proud Nationality

  • The thread of RS Bhatti’s identity is woven with the fabric of Indian nationality, underscoring his allegiance and dedication to the nation’s service.


Chronicles of RS Bhatti’s Age

  • RS Bhatti’s remarkable journey through life has carried him to the age of 57 as of 2022, marking his significant contributions over the years since his birth on September 27, 1965.


FAQs Unraveled: Insight into RS Bhatti’s Persona

QWho is RS Bhatti? Ans. RS Bhatti’s legacy spans his tenure as SP in various districts, including Siwan, Purnia, and Bokaro (now Jharkhand), where he carved a path of authority and accountability.

QWho is RS Bhatti’s wife? Ans. The details of RS Bhatti’s marital life remain undisclosed.

QWho are RS Bhatti’s parents? Ans. Information about RS Bhatti’s parents remains to be explored.

QHow old is RS Bhatti? Ans. RS Bhatti’s age stands at 57 years, a testament to his journey and contributions.

QWhat is RS Bhatti’s height? Ans. Specifics about RS Bhatti’s height are yet to be updated, capturing the intrigue surrounding his persona.


In My Conclusive View: A Glimpse into RS Bhatti’s Stature

  • RS Bhatti IPS stands as a beacon of dedication, weaving his contributions through the intricate tapestry of Bihar’s law enforcement. His journey, though partially veiled, speaks volumes about his unwavering commitment to duty and service.