Who is Tana Mongeau,? | Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family

Who is Tana Mongeau,? Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family



Tana Mongeau, the Popular Internet Personality

Tana Mongeau, also known as Tana Marie Mongeau, is a well-known American Internet personality famous for her engaging “Storytime” videos and similar content on her YouTube channel. Her captivating storytelling has earned her a massive following.


Parents: Rick Mongeau and Rebecca Mongeau

    • Rick Mongeau is Tana’s father, a Vietnam War veteran, who once ran a swimming pool cleaning business.
    • Rebecca Mongeau is Tana’s mother, who suffered from extreme social anxiety and rarely participated in social activities with the family.


Family Background

    • Tana’s parents’ professions are currently under review.
    • The ethnicity of Tana’s family is White Caucasian, and she was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Challenges in Her Childhood

Tana Mongeau revealed that her childhood was quite stressful due to her parents’ lack of parenting skills. Her father, Rick, was known for being rude and embarrassing, often shouting and scolding her. On the other hand, her mother, Rebecca, struggled with social anxiety, which made her avoid social activities with the family.



Improving Relationship with Her Parents

Despite the challenges, Tana’s relationship with her parents has improved since she opened up about them on social media. However, there are still moments of stress and distance, such as their absence during her wedding to Jake Paul.



Tana’s Siblings and Family

    • Information about Tana’s siblings and their professions is currently under review.


Personal Information

    • Tana Mongeau was born on 24th June 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, making her 24 years old as of 2022.
    • Her zodiac sign is Cancer.
    • Details about her education and qualifications are currently under review.


Tana Mongeau’s Relationships

Tana Mongeau is openly bisexual, and her past relationships have been a subject of interest for her fans.

In her early YouTube career, she was in a relationship with Somer Hollingsworth, who featured her in his vlogs before they broke up in June 2017.

She was then in a relationship with Bella Thorne from the summer of 2017 to February 2019, during which they were part of a group that included vocalist Mod Sun.

In April 2019, Tana started dating social media personality Jake Paul, and they announced their engagement in June 201However, some fans were skeptical about the legitimacy of the engagement.

The couple had a public wedding ceremony in Las Vegas on July 28, 2019, but it was later revealed that the marriage was not legally binding. The couple announced their breakup in January 2020.



Tana Mongeau’s Journey

Tana Mongeau’s life has been full of ups and downs, and her relationship with her parents has faced its share of challenges. Despite this, she continues to connect with her audience through her engaging content and remains an influential figure in the world of social media. As she continues to share her journey with her fans, they eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this talented Internet personality.