Who is Paras Official Attack? Wiki, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Family



  • Who is Paras Official?

    • Paras Singh, an Indian Youtuber
    • Creates videos about BGMI game
    • Became popular for gaming content
    • Hails from Punjab, India
    • Currently in recovery, prayers for his health


  • Attack on Paras Official:

    • Paras spoke against carding system in BGMI
    • Mentioned other streamers, including “Daku”
    • Incident escalated into violence
    • Group of 7-8 people attacked Paras
    • Beaten with sticks and iron rods
    • Police investigating, support pouring in


  • Paras Official’s Video Goes Viral:

    • Paras shared incident in a Youtube video
    • Video went viral within an hour
    • Public figures shared on Twitter, Reddit
    • Support rallied for Paras’s recovery

The recent incident shook the online community when news broke about a brutal attack on Paras Official. In one of his videos, Paras addressed concerns about the carding system within BGMI. He also referenced other streamers, including a gamer called “Daku”. What started as a discussion about the game’s mechanics quickly spiraled into a disturbing act of violence.

According to Paras’s account, a group of around 7 to 8 individuals forcefully entered his house. Armed with sticks and iron rods, they subjected him to a merciless assault. The attack left Paras injured and traumatized. Fortunately, he managed to survive the ordeal. The incident sparked outrage and concern among his followers and the wider online community.



the attack on Paras Official serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that can arise in the online world. It highlights the need for a safe and respectful environment where individuals can express their opinions without fear of violence. The incident also showcases the strength of online communities in times of crisis, as the support and well-wishes for Paras’s recovery continue to pour in from all corners of the interne