Nate Burleson Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family

Nate Burleson Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


In the world of television and American football, Nate Burleson shines as a remarkable figure. With a charming smile and insightful commentary, he has become a familiar face on the screen. Let’s dive into the details of Nate Burleson’s life, from his family to his achievements and net worth.


Nate’s Family and Personal Life

  • Nate Burleson, the well-known television host and former wide receiver, hails from Canada.
  • Currently, he co-hosts CBS Mornings and brings his football expertise to CBS’ The NFL Today program and Nickelodeon.
  • Nate has a unique connection to the world of music as well. He has left his mark in the rap scene under the alias New Balance.


Nate’s Precious Bonds

  • Happily wed to Atoya Burleson, Nate has been in a long-lasting marriage.
  • Their union has been blessed with three wonderful children – two sons and a daughter, creating a joyful family.


Nate Burleson’s Early Years

  • Born on August 19, 1981, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Nate Burleson’s full name is Nathaniel Eugene Burleson.
  • Growing up, he embraced the lively streets of Calgary, Alberta, before embarking on his journey to the United States.
  • At 41 years old, Nate’s lively spirit and magnetic personality continue to shine brightly.


Nate’s Educational Journey

  • Nate’s educational path led him to Lindbergh High School in Renton, a suburb with a cozy atmosphere.
  • Later, he transferred to O’Dea High School in Seattle, seeking new horizons in education.


Nate Burleson’s Notable Attributes

  • Full Name: Nathaniel Eugene Burleson
  • Profession: Football Commentator
  • Nick Name: Nate
  • Age: 41 years
  • Date Of Birth: August 19, 1981
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: American, Canadian
  • Birth Place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Marital Status: Happily Married
  • Wife: Atoya Burleson
  • Children: 3
  • High School: Lindbergh High School
  • College: University of Washington Huskies


Nate Burleson’s Wealth

  • With his captivating presence and insightful commentary, Nate has amassed a significant net worth of $18 Million.


Nate’s Online Presence

  • Connect with Nate on his social media platforms to stay updated with his latest endeavors.
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin


Q/A About Nate Burleson

Q.1 Who is Nate Burleson?

  • Nate Burleson is a well-known American football commentator and a charming Canadian television host.

Q.2 Who is Nate Burleson’s wife?

  • Nate was previously married to Atoya Burleson.

Q.3 How old is Nate Burleson?

  • Currently, Nate is enjoying his 41st year of life, radiating positivity and enthusiasm.

As we explore the life of Nate Burleson, we witness a man of many talents and an inspiring family man. His journey from Canada to becoming a television icon and football commentator is a testament to his dedication and charisma. With a remarkable net worth, Nate continues to captivate audiences with his insights and warmth.