Cad Harris Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family

Cad Harris Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Relationship, Family


Cad Harris, a former footballer who graced the NFL with his skills, made a mark in the world of sports. He is best known as the proud father of Franco Harris, a professional footballer who left an indelible impact on the field. This article sheds light on the life of Cad Harris, covering aspects such as his biography, age, family, and legacy.


Cad Harris: An Overview

  • Cad Harris was a dedicated footballer, leaving a lasting impression on the NFL.
  • He is known for as the father of Franco Harris, a prominent figure in professional football.
  • Born on March 24, 1920, in Bolton, Hinds County, Mississippi, USA, Cad’s legacy extends beyond the field.
  • His journey came to an end on July 17, 1980, at the age of 60, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.


Cad Harris: Family and Relationships

  • Cad Harris was married to Gina Harris, hailing from an Italian background.
  • The couple welcomed eight children into their loving family:
    • Pete Harris
    • Marisa Lattimore
    • Franco Harris
    • Guiseppe Harris
    • Luana Harris-Scott
    • Mario Harris
    • Alvara Harris
    • Daniela Miller
  • Cad’s dedication to his family mirrored his commitment to the game.


Cad Harris: Franco Harris’s Remarkable Journey

  • Franco Harris, the son of Cad Harris, emerged as a football sensation.
  • He earned his place in the Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks of the NFL.
  • Notably, Franco was chosen as the 13th overall pick in the 1st round of the 1972 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • His remarkable career was highlighted by nine consecutive Pro Bowl selections (1972-1980) and an All-Pro title in 1977.
  • Franco Harris’s excellence shone in Super Bowl IX, where he clinched the title of Most Valuable Player after an outstanding performance, rushing for 158 yards and a touchdown.


Cad Harris: A Farewell to a Legend

  • Cad Harris’s passing on July 17, 1980, marked the end of an era.
  • While the cause of his death remains unknown, his contributions to the NFL and his family’s legacy live on.


FAQs about Cad Harris:

  1. Who was Cad Harris?
    • Cad Harris was a former footballer and the proud father of Franco Harris, a renowned fullback in the NFL.
  2. Who were Cad Harris’s parents?
    • Unfortunately, details about Cad Harris’s parents remain unknown.
  3. Tell us about Cad Harris’s wife.
    • Cad Harris was married to Gina Harris, who had Italian heritage.
  4. Who is Franco Harris?
    • Franco Harris was a celebrated American professional football fullback player, leaving an enduring impact on the sport.


My Conclusive View:

Cad Harris’s journey from the football field to his role as a father is a tale of dedication, commitment, and legacy. As a revered figure in the NFL, his influence lives on through his son Franco Harris, who continues to be a symbol of excellence in the world of football. Cad’s memory remains etched in the hearts of sports enthusiasts and his loving family alike.