1, 2, 3, All Eyes on Me Ending Explained



In the world of social media, TikTok has once again worked its magic, this time bringing an indie short film back into the spotlight. “1, 2, 3, All Eyes on Me,” written and directed by Emil Gallardo, has captured the attention of TikTokers and sparked discussions about a pressing national issue. This article will delve into the movie’s storyline and its impact.

A Bright Start to the School Day: The film begins in a lively classroom filled with children’s laughter and chatter. Ms. Leena, the teacher, exudes positivity and trust. With a simple command, “1,2,3 all eyes on me,” she establishes a bond of obedience with her students. A seemingly innocent art activity hints at something darker to come, leaving viewers with an eerie feeling.

Shadows of Unease:

As the day progresses, Ms. Leena and a student spot a suspicious older boy on the school premises. Her call for help receives a cold response, and she discovers an ominous X mark on a door. Tension rises as viewers are drawn into the unfolding threat.

Viewers Become Part of the Day:

Back in the classroom, only Ms. Leena and viewers are aware of the danger. Alarms blare, but the children remain unaware. Ms. Leena takes precautions, but the tension builds as viewers fear for the children’s safety

A Heart-Wrenching Decision:

Ms. Leena must make a difficult choice. She instructs the children to run toward the building where the armed individuals are located. It’s a risky move, and viewers hold their breath as the children follow her lead. Ms. Leena’s final request, “1,2,3, all eyes on me,” signifies her desire to shield their innocent eyes from the horrors that await.

A Gut-Wrenching Conclusion:

In the harrowing final moments, Ms. Leena realizes that not all her students have made it to safety. The friendship foreshadowed earlier takes a tragic turn, leaving both Ms. Leena and viewers traumatized.


Emil Gallardo’s Perspective:

Emil Gallardo, the film’s director, draws from his mother’s experience as a teacher. He reflects on a time when earthquake drills were the only concern, never anticipating the need for active shooter drills. Gallardo emphasizes the importance of not depicting actual violence in the film, instead relying on sound design to convey the gravity of the situation.


Debating Teacher Safety:

The movie centers on a teacher’s perspective, highlighting the responsibility placed on educators during such crises. This leads to a broader debate about whether teachers should be allowed to carry guns for self-defense. While some argue it’s a necessary measure, others believe it could increase risks. A survey by the Texas American Federation of Teachers reveals that a majority of teachers do not want to be armed.



“1, 2, 3, All Eyes on Me” has struck a chord with viewers, raising crucial questions about school safety and the role of educators in protecting students. As the debate over teacher self-defense continues, it’s clear that this short film has ignited a conversation that needs our attention.