17+ Best BL Manhwa To Experience Boy’s Love



Boy’s Love Manhwa, also known as BL or Yaoi, is a captivating genre that explores tender and passionate relationships between two male characters. While it may not represent everyone’s sexuality, it offers heartwarming and steamy storylines that have gained a dedicated fan base. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best BL Manhwa to experience the world of Boy’s Love at its finest.


A Guy Like You

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi

With 85 chapters to its name, “A Guy Like You” by WAGE is a BL Manhwa that delves into the romance between Go Siwon and Kang Jinha. The story takes an intriguing twist as Kang visits Siwon’s dreams, leading to a special memory that could change their relationship forever.


Blood Bank

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi

“Blood Bank” by Silb spans 61 chapters across 2 volumes and offers a unique take on vampires. In this world, vampires buy human blood despite their superiority, and the story focuses on the high-born vampire Shell, who falls in love with a human banker named One.


 Out of Control

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life

“Out of Control” by Bbong tells a romantic tale between Yuri and Jaerim. However, their love faces an unusual obstacle as Yuri is one of the most handsome boys in school, while Jaerim is considered the school’s ugliest guy.


Heaven & Hell Roman Company

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi

In “Heaven & Hell Roman Company,” gods establish a company to reduce angel unemployment, leading to a reunion between two childhood lovers. This BL Manhwa offers a unique twist on romance against a supernatural backdrop.


 Wolf in the House

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural, Comedy

“Wolf in the House” by Ji-Yeon Park introduces readers to Minsuk, who adopts a Siberian Husky named Bexan as a sign of his new single life. However, Bexan harbors a secret – he’s a Werewolf, and his true form emerges at night.


Love Shuttle

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Omegaverse, Romance, Yaoi

“Love Shuttle” by Im Ae Ju explores the life of Doyun, who meets his work rival, Taehan, and embarks on a journey of romance and self-discovery. The series is set in the intriguing Omegaverse.


 Pearl Boy

Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Yaoi

“Pearl Boy” by Zoy and Inking takes readers on a journey with Dooshik, who seeks refuge in a coastal town after stealing from a gay bar. His encounter with Jooha sets the stage for a story of love and redemption.


Painter of the Night

Genre: Drama, Historical, Psychological, Yaoi

Set in Korea’s Joseon era, “Painter of the Night” by Byeonduck explores the relationship between Na-kyum, a talented painter, and Seungho, a young nobleman. Na-kyum’s erotic artistry takes center stage in this historical drama.


 Under the Greenlight

Genre: Drama, Yaoi

“Under the Greenlight” by Jaxx delves into the complex relationship between Matthew, a sculpture student, and Jin, a renowned model. Their journey through the art world is filled with obstacles and twists.


Semantic Error

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Yaoi

“Semantic Error” by Jeosuri and Angy introduces readers to Chu Sangwoo, a computer science major, and Jang Jaeyoung, a design artist. Their contrasting worlds collide, leading to a story of self-discovery and romance.



Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi

“Sign” by Ker revolves around Soohwa Kang, an employee of Cafe Goyo who is captivated by his deaf boss, Yohan Go. As Soohwa navigates the challenges of sign language, a unique relationship unfolds.


 Killing Stalking

Genre: Boy’s Love, Drama, Horror, Erotica

“Killing Stalking” by Koogi offers a dark and intense story centered on Yoon Bum, a mentally ill man, and Sangwoo, a serial killer. This manhwa explores themes of obsession and violence in a twisted love story.



These BL Manhwa titles offer a diverse range of stories, from supernatural romances to intense dramas. Whether you’re a seasoned BL enthusiast or new to the genre, there’s something in this list to captivate your heart and imagination. Dive into the world of Boy’s Love and experience the depth of emotions and relationships it has to offer. Happy reading!