6 Things You Should Know From Black Adam Trailer 2



The newest Black Adam trailer has sent waves of excitement through comic and movie fans everywhere. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson delivered a captivating trailer, and it’s time to dive into the juicy details. But first, for those who need a quick Black Adam refresher: Black Adam, originally Theo-Adam, is a character tied to Shazam but with a twist. He’s been through quite a few changes to become the anti-hero trying to mend his ways. Now, let’s jump right into the exciting revelations from Black Adam Trailer 2.


1. A Star-Studded Debut

Black Adam is set to introduce a bunch of starry heroes to the DC Cinematic Universe. Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone will all make their grand entrance. Until now, they’ve mostly appeared in TV series or animated movies, but this is their big screen debut, and fans are ready for it.


2. Black Adam’s Mysterious Resurrection

The trailer opens with Black Adam floating unconscious in a frigid ocean. We witness the execution of his son and an apparent attack on Black Adam himself. Later, we see his lifeless body thrown into the same icy waters, reminiscent of Captain America’s chilling plunge. How he returns and the source of his power remains a mystery, leaving fans intrigued.


3. The Amanda Waller Connection

Amanda Waller’s appearance is a treat for long-awaiting comic book fans. With a glimpse into the JSA, we might finally learn how this superhero team was formed. In the trailer, we catch Waller on a video call with the U.S. government, the Justice League, and possibly even the Suicide Squad. The transition from the Justice League to the JSA remains shrouded in mystery, keeping fans eager for the October release.


4. A Two-Part Battle and Sabbac’s Arrival

The trailer kicks off with Black Adam and the JSA clashing, staying true to his anti-hero persona. However, the battle doesn’t last long before shifting focus to the menacing villain, Sabbac, and his face-off with Hawkman. We also notice Hawkman’s Nth metal transforming into an axe, teasing a thrilling showdown. For those unfamiliar, Sabbac gained his powers from six demons, mirroring Black Adam and Shazam’s divine origins.


5. The Formidable Powers of The JSA

The JSA’s powers are on full display in the trailer. From Hawkman’s Thanagarian Mace to Dr. Fate’s control of the Helmet of Nabu, their abilities send chills down our spines. Toward the trailer’s end, we witness Dr. Fate using spellcasting, conjuring a sword-like attack. Could it be aimed at Black Adam? Additionally, Cyclone showcases her force-field generation skills, countering Atom’s shockwave attacks.


6. A Hint at Superman’s Appearance?

Despite denials from the team, there’s a hint of a possible Superman cameo. While facing various challenges in the trailer, Black Adam remarks, “Your Magic is Weak.” We know that magic can be a significant weakness for Superman, setting the stage for an epic showdown. Black Adam and Superman have clashed multiple times in the comics, and fans are hoping for a cinematic face-off.



Black Adam Trailer 2 has delivered a promising glimpse into the DC Cinematic Universe. With the introduction of new heroes and villains, mysterious resurrections, and the tantalizing possibility of a Superman cameo, fans have plenty to look forward to. Keep your calendars marked for the release in October, and get ready for a thrilling cinematic adventure!