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Recently, there has been quite a buzz surrounding Martin Short, the Canadian actor, writer, and comedian born in 1950. An article from Slate caused a stir as it questioned why people continue to embrace Martin Short. Despite some critical remarks, the internet rallied behind the beloved actor. Let’s delve into the reasons why Martin Short remains a cherished figure in the world of entertainment.


A Versatile Career

Martin Short’s career spans several decades, earning him numerous accolades, from Emmys to Tonys. Even in his early 70s, he continues to grace our screens, leaving audiences in stitches with his comedic genius. Notably, he has made memorable appearances on shows like Saturday Night Live, showcasing his enduring talent.


Decoding Martin Short’s Appeal

The heart of Slate’s essay, titled “Why We Keep Putting Up with Martin,” revolved around unraveling the essence of Martin Short’s performances. Is he a bona fide comedic genius, or does he simply go to great lengths for a laugh?


Criticism vs. Authenticity

In the article, writer Dan Kois candidly expressed his views on Martin Short, branding him as “devastatingly unfunny” and willing to do anything for a laugh. Kois pointed out moments where Short’s authentic performances shine through. He questioned Short’s comedic style, stating that it often appears forced and desperate. However, the debate ultimately boils down to personal preference, as some viewers find Short’s humor delightful while others do not.


A Global Comedic Influence

Regardless of one’s stance on Martin Short’s comedy, it’s undeniable that he holds a significant place in the world of humor. His influence stretches far and wide, making him one of the most influential comedians globally.

Reactions to the Controversial Essay

Following the article’s viral spread, many individuals took to social media to voice their opinions on the critique of Martin Short. Interestingly, most responses were overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the actor.

Deborah, a user on Twitter, praised Martin Short as one of the sweetest and most terrific comedians she has ever encountered. She questioned the need for a negative piece on him and emphasized his talent.

Another social media user highlighted Short’s impeccable comedic timing, suggesting that questioning his humor is as absurd as claiming the sun isn’t hot. They encouraged understanding and appreciation for his comedic craft.

A Tribute to Martin Short’s Character: Beyond his career, Martin Short’s character shines brightly. One individual pointed out how Short endured the loss of his wife, Nancy, in 2010 due to ovarian cancer. Despite this heartbreak, Short continues to cherish his late wife’s memory and regularly speaks with her about life, demonstrating his enduring love and resilience.



In conclusion, the recent controversy surrounding Martin Short’s comedic prowess highlights the subjectivity of humor. While some may find his style exhausting, many continue to celebrate his talent and contributions to comedy. Martin Short’s enduring popularity and the outpouring of support from fans demonstrate that, for many, he remains an endearing figure in the entertainment industry.