Adam Scott Golfer Wife, Net Worth , Appreciation for Tiger Woods



Adam Scott, the renowned golfer, has not only made his mark on the golf course but has also built a substantial net worth, estimated at $60 million in 2023. Beyond his career, Scott is known as the husband of Marie Kojzar, a Swedish architect, and a father of two. In 2022, he openly applauded Tiger Woods’ appointment to the PGA Tour Policy Board, showcasing his support for this pivotal move in the world of golf.


Adam Scott’s View on Tiger Woods’ Board Appointment

Adam Scott’s vocal appreciation for Tiger Woods’ inclusion in the PGA Tour Policy Board resonated within the golfing community. He viewed this development as a positive stride, highlighting Woods’ leadership and significant contributions to the sport.


Tiger Woods Joining the PGA Tour Policy Board

Tiger Woods’ entrance onto the PGA Tour Policy Board was met with widespread approval. This move is seen as a game-changer, as it brings the influential voice of a legendary player into the decision-making process, potentially leading to positive policy changes within the PGA Tour.


Adam Scott’s Golf Career and Achievements

Adam Scott’s golf career is a testament to his consistent excellence. His notable victory in the 2013 Masters Tournament remains a career highlight. Additionally, he has achieved the pinnacle ranking as the world’s number one golfer, showcasing his skill, dedication, and competitive spirit.


Adam Scott’s Net Worth in 2023

In 2023, Adam Scott’s net worth is estimated at an impressive $60 million. This financial success is a direct reflection of his outstanding performances on the golf course. His earnings are derived from tournament victories, lucrative endorsements, and appearance fees, solidifying his status as a top-earning golfer.


Adam Scott’s Personal Life and Family

Beyond the fairways, Adam Scott’s personal life holds significant importance. His marriage to Marie Kojzar, whom he met in 2001 and married in 2014, is a cornerstone of his life. The couple has been blessed with two children, providing a glimpse into the life of the man behind the golfer.



Adam Scott’s multi-faceted life, encompassing his illustrious golf career, substantial net worth, and his role as a husband and father, portrays a well-rounded individual. His public support for Tiger Woods’ board appointment adds to his image as a golfer who cares deeply about the future of the sport. As we reflect on his impact on golf and financial success, we see a golfer whose influence extends beyond the greens.




Q: When did Adam Scott win the Masters Tournament?

A: Adam Scott achieved victory in the Masters Tournament in 2013.

Q: Who is Adam Scott’s wife?

A: Adam Scott is married to Marie Kojzar, a Swedish architect.

Q: What is Adam Scott’s net worth in 2023?

A: In 2023, Adam Scott’s estimated net worth stands at $60 million.

Q: How did Adam Scott react to Tiger Woods’ appointment to the PGA Tour Policy Board?

A: Adam Scott openly welcomed and praised Tiger Woods’ appointment to the PGA Tour Policy Board, considering it a significant step for the PGA Tour.