Adorable Horimiya Characters That Fans Love


Hey there, anime enthusiasts! Welcome to our roundup of the most lovable characters from the heartwarming series, Horimiya. If you haven’t delved into the world of Horimiya yet, you’re missing out on a delightful slice-of-life anime that’s captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Horimiya is the kind of anime that wraps you in a warm blanket of comfort and entertainment. Its uncomplicated plot and relatable characters make it accessible to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or just getting started.

Let’s dive right in and explore the top 15 Horimiya characters who have won fans over with their unique traits and personalities.


Motoko Iura – The Quiet Sibling

Gender: Female Known For: Her diligence and occasional violent outbursts towards her brother, Syu.

Motoko Iura, Syu Iura’s younger sister, is far from the typical cheerful anime character. She tends to keep to herself and can be quite stern, especially when it comes to her brother. Motoko’s quiet demeanor contrasts sharply with Syu’s outgoing nature. In the series, she strives to get into a particular school, even seeking help from Kyoko Hori. Although she faces setbacks, Motoko’s determination shines through.

Yuriko Hori – A Loving Mother

Gender: Female Known For: Her gentle and caring nature.

Yuriko Hori, Kyoko’s mother, is a 38-year-old woman who may not enjoy cooking, but she’s a devoted mother who adores her children. She may come across as polite, but her husband Kyousuke Hori knows that she can be quite formidable when necessary. What makes Yuriko endearing is her kindness towards everyone, including Izumi Miyamura. She wholeheartedly supports her daughter’s relationship with Miyamura.

Kakeru Sengoku – The Shy Student Council President

Gender: Male Known For: His intelligence, good looks, and leadership skills.

Kakeru Sengoku, the student council president at Katagiri Senior High School, is a bright and talented young man. However, his shyness sets him apart, and he easily blushes when embarrassed. Hori used to tease him in their childhood, but in high school, their dynamic changes, and they become friends. Fans adore Kakeru’s caring nature, especially his deep connection with Remi Ayasaki. He’s the kind of friend who offers comfort and wise advice during tough times.

Sota Hori – The Adorable Younger Brother

Gender: Male Known For: His cuteness and playful personality.

Sota Hori, Kyoko Hori’s 10-year-old brother, plays a pivotal role in bringing Hori and Miyamura together. When Hori and Miyamura first meet outside of school, Sota finds himself in a precarious situation, chased by a dog. Thankfully, Miyamura rescues him, and Sota’s ability to remember his address leaves a lasting impression. Sota deeply cares for his sister and holds Miyamura in high regard, even addressing him as “Big Brother.” His understanding of their relationship adds a touch of sweetness to the series.

Kouichi Shindou – The Supportive Friend

Gender: Male Known For: His positivity and loyalty.

Kouichi Shindou, a student at Yasaka High School, is the first person to accept Izumi Miyamura for who he is. Despite Miyamura’s piercings and tattoos, Kouichi never judges him. Their friendship starts in middle school, and they remain close even after attending different high schools. Although Miyamura occasionally roughhouses with Kouichi, their bond is unbreakable. Kouichi’s good looks and friendly demeanor make him a standout character in the series.

Sakura Kouno – The Polite Overthinker

Gender: Female Known For: Her polite nature and tendency to prioritize others over herself.

Sakura Kouno, the vice president of the student council, is an intelligent and peace-loving girl. She believes in resolving conflicts through conversation rather than violence. Sakura’s insecurity about her looks, compared to her friend Remi, adds depth to her character. Her unrequited love for Tooru Ishikawa tugs at viewers’ heartstrings, especially when she faces the heartbreak of seeing him with someone else. Sakura’s emotional struggles resonate with many fans.

Tooru Ishikawa – The Jealous Guardian

Gender: Male Known For: His caring nature, even when he feels jealous.

Tooru Ishikawa shares a class with Hori and Miyamura and initially harbors a crush on Kyoko Hori. As Miyamura and Hori’s relationship blossoms, jealousy simmers within Tooru. However, he eventually becomes a steadfast supporter of their relationship. Tooru is a tall and handsome character who adapts to various situations gracefully. His dynamic with Yuki, while not official, keeps fans intrigued.

Akane Yanagi – The Charming Enigma

Gender: Male Known For: His charming looks and occasional bouts of eccentricity.

Akane Yanagi’s appearance rivals that of a K-pop idol, making him the object of affection for many. Yet, beneath his handsome exterior lies a socially awkward individual who struggles to communicate effectively. Akane’s quirks emerge when he’s sleep-deprived, leading to moments of rudeness and violence. Despite these eccentricities, fans find Akane’s character endearing, and his interactions within the group provide comic relief.