AI Robot Kills Itself After 15 Minutes Of Routine Work


A startling video of an AI robot shutting down after just 15 minutes of routine work has taken the internet by storm. This viral video has sparked conversations about the well-being of robots in the workforce, the future of automation, and the ethical questions surrounding artificial intelligence. Let’s delve into this intriguing incident and its implications.


The Viral Video:

In a widely shared video posted on TikTok and Twitter, an Irobot Roomba 760 robot was seen tirelessly moving boxes from a storage unit to a conveyor belt for a mere 15 minutes before abruptly powering down and collapsing on the floor. The eerie background music in the video added to the dramatic scene. The caption humorously mentioned that the robot had done just nine boxes before calling it quits.

The internet was abuzz with reactions, with some users making light-hearted jokes about the robot needing a raise or better batteries. Others, however, expressed genuine concern for the working conditions that the robot endured during those 15 minutes of labor.


Reactions from Netizens:

The video ignited a frenzy of reactions on Twitter, where users shared their thoughts and humor. Some users empathized with the robot, seeing it as a victim of harsh working conditions. One user exclaimed, “Don’t tell me this thing just died suddenly!?” while another remarked, “These robots are becoming more and more relatable each day.”

A user with a sense of humor quipped, “Prob just wanted a bathroom break. Someone call in the robot union steward.” Yet another user humorously stated, “Just like me after a long day’s work!” These reactions highlight the growing connection people feel with robots in the workforce.


Possible Cause of Shutdown:

While the exact reason for the robot’s sudden shutdown remains uncertain, many speculate that it could have been due to a low battery. It’s possible that the robot was not adequately charged or lacked a robust battery to sustain its work.


The Future of Robot Workers:

This incident raises significant questions about the role of robots in the future workforce. As technology advances and robots take on more mundane tasks, we must ponder whether they contribute to a more efficient workforce or exacerbate the global unemployment problem.

Some Twitter users expressed concerns about the energy costs of robot labor, suggesting that human labor might be more cost-effective. The future of automation remains uncertain, with varying opinions on its implications for the job market.


Responsibility for Robot Well-Being:

The AI robot’s “suicidal” shutdown brings to the forefront the need to understand the mental and emotional limits of robots. It also prompts discussions on the ethical and legal dimensions of robot well-being in the workplace.

This incident highlights the importance of establishing ethical guidelines and regulations for the use of artificial intelligence in work settings. While some argue that robots are just machines, the incident raises pertinent questions about their capabilities and limitations.



The video of an AI robot shutting down after a brief stint of work has captivated the internet and ignited debates about the future of automation. Whether it was a low battery or other technical issues, this incident emphasizes the need for responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence in the workforce.

As technology continues to evolve, our understanding of the relationship between humans and robots will also evolve. It is essential that we consider the well-being of robots in the workplace and establish guidelines to ensure their proper treatment. The incident serves as a poignant reminder that even in a world of automation, ethical considerations must always be at the forefront of technological advancement.