All Batman Nicknames Explained With Recommendations


Batman is a super famous superhero, and you might wonder why so many people love him. Well, there are some good reasons. He’s not like other superheroes who have superpowers; he’s just a regular guy who’s really smart and strong. He’s been around for a long time, more than eighty years! Two guys named Bob Kane and Bill Finger created him, and he first showed up in a comic book called Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Since then, Batman has become super popular, and everyone knows who he is.

The Bat of Gotham

One of Batman’s nicknames is “The Bat of Gotham.” You see, Batman is kind of like a shadow. He comes out at night, and when bad guys see him, they get really scared. But even regular people in Gotham City were scared of him too. They thought he was mysterious and spooky. Over time, though, Batman became like a hero to the city. He gave them hope and started being called “The Bat of Gotham.”

You can see this nickname in action in:

  • The Bat of Gotham (TV Series)
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Task Force Z #6


Matches Malone

This nickname is a bit strange. Matches Malone was a bad guy who liked to start fires. He got the name because he chewed on matches. But one day, he tried to run away from Batman and accidentally hurt himself really badly. He died, but no one knew about it except Batman. So, Batman pretended to be Matches Malone and used his disguise to sneak into the world of criminals without anyone knowing it was him.

You can find Matches Malone in:

  • Batman #242
  • Super Friends #36
  • Batman and the Outsiders #10

Defender of Gotham

Even though it’s not as famous as some other nicknames, Batman is sometimes called the “Defender of Gotham.” This is because he never stops trying to catch bad guys and keep the city safe.

You can check out the “Defender of Gotham” in:

  • Defenders of Gotham
  • Batman #125
  • Batman: No Man’s Land


Here’s a unique nickname. A lady named Talia al Ghul, who was part of a family of bad guys, gave Batman this name. She was really fascinated by Batman, even though sometimes she wanted to hurt him and other times she liked him a lot. She called him “Beloved” because she thought he was a great hero and deserved her love.

You can see Batman as “Beloved” in:

  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • Batman: Son of the Demon
  • Batman #244
  • Detective Comics #411


Old Man

Now, this one is a bit funny. Terry McGinnis, a guy who becomes Batman after Bruce Wayne retires, gave Batman the nickname “Old Man.” It’s because Bruce was much older than Terry, and it kind of showed how they were like a mentor and student. It’s a bit of a joke too.

You can catch “Old Man” Batman in:

  • Batman Beyond
  • Superman/Batman #22-23
  • SupermanBatman Annual #4


The Detective

This nickname is different from the “World’s Greatest Detective” nickname. It’s given by one of Batman’s enemies, Ra’s al Ghul. He thought Batman was super smart, and he wanted him to be the leader of a group of assassins. So, he called him “The Detective.” Batman later passed on this nickname to the third Robin, Tim Drake.

You can find “The Detective” Batman in:

  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • Batman #244
  • Nightwing #142



Finally, we have “Batsy” or “Bats.” The Joker, who is one of Batman’s biggest enemies, likes to call Batman these nicknames. It might sound strange because they fight a lot, but they also kind of need each other. The Joker uses these names as a way to tease Batman.

You can see “Batsy/Bats” Batman in:

  • Batman Confidential
  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #106
  • Batman (2016) #49
  • Batman: The Killing Joke

So, you see, Batman has had a lot of different nicknames over the years, and each one tells a different story about him. You can watch or read the recommended comics, TV shows, and movies to see these nicknames in action and learn even more about the Dark Knight. Batman is truly an iconic superhero, and his nicknames are just one more thing that makes him special.