All Of Superman Powers Revealed



Superman, the iconic superhero, has captured the hearts of comic book fans around the world. Known for his classic red and blue costume and his iconic “S” emblem, Superman possesses a wide range of extraordinary powers that make him one of the most formidable heroes in the DC Universe. In this article, we’ll delve into the astonishing abilities of Superman, some of which you might not be aware of.


Super-Force Field

In the 1980s, John Byrne took on the task of revamping Superman, aiming to make the character more appealing to younger audiences. In an effort to provide scientific explanations for Superman’s powers, Byrne introduced the concept of an “electro psychic force field” that surrounded the Man of Steel. This force field not only made Superman invulnerable but also enabled him to fly. While it was a commendable attempt to ground the character, today’s DC writers often fall back on the simpler explanation: “Because Superman is Superman.”



Superman’s intelligence often goes underestimated. At times, he has demonstrated his prowess in mathematics, showcasing skills that impress even the brilliant minds of Metropolis. His “Super-Mathematics” abilities, while not something any average math whiz can replicate, have certainly left Lois Lane in awe.


Reverse Time

The question of whether Superman can time travel has long intrigued fans. In the 1978 film “Superman: The Movie,” the Man of Steel famously reversed time by flying faster than light, an act that saved Lois Lane’s life. Although this power has waned in recent years, the idea of Clark Kent teaming up with the Flash for some mind-bending time travel adventures remains tantalizing.


Super Disco

Sometimes, brute strength isn’t enough. Superman once displayed his dance floor prowess by using his strength and suave moves to create vibrations that disarmed hidden bombs, all while the surrounding people mistook it for an earthquake. No undercover work required!


Face Squooshing

In the early days of Superman comics, the Man of Steel had the peculiar ability to rearrange his facial features to resemble other people. This bizarre power, though rarely seen, has a quirky appeal that many fans find fascinating.


Super Atmosphere

While adapting to a planet’s atmosphere is one thing, creating an entirely new atmosphere from scratch is truly remarkable. In the comics, Superman achieved the incredible feat of crafting a new atmosphere for an entire planet. This power, if real, would undoubtedly be a game-changer, perhaps even catching the attention of someone like Elon Musk.


Super Surgery

Superman’s heat vision is well-known, but its more unusual application, brain surgery, is not as widely recognized. In a memorable story from Action Comics #775, Superman used his heat vision to defeat Manchester Black by causing a stroke through precise manipulation of blood vessels in Black’s brain.


Super Punch

Superman can enhance his already formidable punch with a kinetic energy punch. This power redirects all the kinetic energy from his physical movements into his fists, making his punches devastatingly powerful.


Super Diet

Superman’s unique dietary habits have fascinated fans. While he doesn’t require food or drink like humans, he occasionally indulges in meals for pleasure. This trait, possibly rooted in his Kryptonian physiology, adds a touch of relatability to the otherwise god-like hero.


Super Trap

In a peculiar moment from the 1980s “Superman II,” the Man of Steel used the “S” symbol from his emblem to create a plastic-wrap trap for his enemies. While this power was never fully explained or used elsewhere, it’s a quirky addition to Superman’s arsenal.



Superman’s ability to project his voice over great distances is impressive, even if it doesn’t require superpowers per se. This power, known as Super-Ventriloquism, has been featured in various comics over the years, including modern ones like “The Question” in 2005.


Super Antique

In a creative use of his powers, Superman once artificially aged an antique by blowing on it with his super-breath. This power, while not one of his most famous, showcases the versatility of his abilities.


Super Weaving

Superman’s knack for high-speed weaving might make him a contender on “Project Runway” if his superhero career ever falters. His ability to create modern wedding gowns with super-weaving is both amusing and unexpected.


Third Eye

Surprisingly, Superman once possessed a third eye located at the back of his head. Supergirl explained that this unique feature resulted from a combination of red and green rays stimulating Superman’s pineal gland. While it may sound odd, this quirk added to the intrigue of the character.


Control Ants

In a story involving Superman and ants, the Man of Steel demonstrated the ability to control and communicate with these tiny creatures. His use of a special Kryptonian antenna allowed him to command the ants for a specific mission.


Solar Flare

Superman’s solar flare power is among his most deadly abilities. This power, introduced in “Superman #38,” allows him to release an enormous energy blast from every cell of his body. While it leaves him temporarily powerless, the destructive potential of this ability is awe-inspiring.


Super Rainbow

In “Untold Tales of Superman,” the Man of Steel displayed a new power: shooting rainbows from his hands. This bizarre ability surprised the people of Metropolis and even left some with photographic evidence of the phenomenon.


Super Caller ID

Superman’s sensory abilities extend to recognizing the identity of a person calling him via phone. This peculiar power, though no longer particularly useful in the age of smartphones and caller ID, adds to the mystique of the Man of Steel.


Super Cigar Smoking

In a secret mission scenario, Superman used cigars to create a smokescreen to conceal his actions. This unorthodox approach to concealment showcased Superman’s resourcefulness in tight spots.


Super Projection

Superman’s projection powers allow him to bring art to life. By coating a picture with special luminous paint and using his x-ray vision and super-ventriloquism, he can create stunning visual effects that astound onlookers.


Super Lock Picking

Even without his usual powers, Superman can unlock any lock in the human world with his Super-Magnetic touch. This unexpected skill is a testament to his resourcefulness.


Mini Superman

Superman once created a miniature version of himself, complete with all his powers, to assist him when his abilities were compromised. This pint-sized hero proved that size is not everything when it comes to being a hero.


Super Sneeze

Imagine the consequences if Superman were to unleash his full sneezing power. In one memorable comic, a sneezing fit nearly caused catastrophic damage, prompting Superman to retreat to a desolate universe to let loose.


Super Friction

Superman’s ability to rearrange matter and increase friction comes in handy when he needs to reinforce structures or objects. This power showcases his versatility in handling various situations.


Phase Through Objects

Superman possesses the power to phase through solid objects, though he doesn’t use it frequently. This ability, seen in episodes like “The Mysterious Cube,” allows him to navigate obstacles with ease.