Alona Savchenko Murder In Hotel Room, Bangkok: Ukrainian Model Chopped To Pieces By Her Boyfriend



A terrible tragedy unfolded in a luxurious Bangkok apartment when a man allegedly killed his girlfriend, a Ukrainian model, and then sought help from Google Translate to cover up the crime. The victim’s name was Alona Savchenko, a 24-year-old woman, and her boyfriend, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, is now in custody after being apprehended while attempting to enter Cambodia.


The Grisly Discovery

Alona Savchenko had been staying in a posh condominium in Bangkok when this horrifying incident occurred. Her life was cut short in a gruesome manner, as she was brutally hacked to pieces with a saw. The details of the crime are chilling, as it is believed that Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow asked a taxi driver for assistance in dismembering the body.


A Fatal Love Story

Alona Savchenko, the Ukrainian model, and Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, her boyfriend, had checked into the Key Sathorn-Charoenraj apartment on April 29. However, on May 15, Lagoda-Filippow attempted to check out of the hotel alone, leaving behind a trail of suspicion. Hotel staff noticed his unusual behavior and the absence of Alona, which raised concerns.


A Desperate Escape Attempt

Desperate to cover his tracks, Lagoda-Filippow hired a 56-year-old taxi driver named Surachai Sabaibang and instructed him to head to “any casino.” The security staff at the hotel had previously seen the couple together, heightening their suspicions. After conducting a thorough search of the couple’s 32nd-floor apartment, the shocking discovery of Alona’s mutilated body left everyone in shock.


A Horrific Crime

This horrifying case has captured the attention of the public. Alona Savchenko, a Ukrainian model, lost her life in the very hotel where she had been staying with her boyfriend, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow. The aftermath of this crime was even more gruesome, as the alleged perpetrator dismembered her body before fleeing the country.


Justice Pursued

Efforts to bring the suspect to justice were relentless. The security personnel at the border worked tirelessly to capture the 25-year-old Lagoda-Filippow, who was attempting to escape. The tragic incident occurred in a hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where the 27-year-old