Amanda ‘Abs’ Tula’s shocking weight loss is down to this one habit



Amanda Batula, known for her stint on Summer House, has left fans astounded with her incredible weight loss journey. Her sculpted abs and slim physique have become the talk of the town. Let’s delve into the one secret habit that played a pivotal role in her transformation.


A Shift in Perspective: Embracing Change

Since her debut on Summer House, Amanda has undergone a noticeable transformation. In her early days on the show, she considered herself at her heaviest. Although she refrains from stepping on the scale, Amanda believes she has shed between 15 to 20 pounds. Remarkably, she now stands at a weight reminiscent of her college days.

Amanda’s weight loss secret is refreshingly simple – she avoids fixating on the numbers on the weighing scale. To her, those digits hold little significance. What truly matters is how she feels in her own skin. As she wisely puts it, “As long as your favorite pair of jeans fit — that’s the end goal.”


The Culmination of Healthy Practices

Amanda’s journey to a fitter self isn’t confined to one habit. She’s embraced a well-rounded approach. This includes a reduction in sugar and carbs, practicing intermittent fasting, and prioritizing protein in her diet. Moreover, she allows herself indulgences, albeit in moderation, ensuring she enjoys nutrients without deprivation.

Recent Instagram posts showcase Amanda’s impressive transformation, drawing admiration from fans. Many couldn’t help but notice her sculpted waistline, affectionately nicknaming her “Amanda ‘Abs’ Tula.” Some even likened her appearance to that of Hailey Bieber.


Concerns and Empathy

While fans celebrate Amanda’s journey, some express concern over her weight loss. During a vacation in Italy, Amanda hinted at significant changes in her body. This sparked worry among followers, prompting inquiries about her well-being. They urged her to embrace her beauty and savor the pleasures of food.