America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel isn’t on the show because of a COVID infection



The latest episode of America’s Got Talent brought forth sensational performances, but fans couldn’t help but notice the absence of one of the beloved judges, Howie Mandel. As the longest-serving judge on the show since Season 5 in 2010, his absence left viewers wondering about the reason behind it. In this article, we’ll explore why Howie Mandel wasn’t on the recent episode and the response from concerned fans.


Howie Mandel’s Unplanned Absence

Howie Mandel has been an integral part of the America’s Got Talent judging panel for over a decade. However, in the latest episode of Season 17, his familiar face was conspicuously missing. Fans naturally began to question where he was and what had occurred to keep him away from the show.


A Battle with COVID-19

As speculations swirled regarding Howie’s absence, the TV personality took to his Twitter account to provide clarity. He revealed that he had contracted COVID-19, which had temporarily taken him away from his judging duties on America’s Got Talent. Host Terry Crews also addressed the situation on the show, announcing, “Howie Mandel isn’t feeling good, so he won’t be here tonight.”

Howie’s candid confirmation came in response to a concerned fan’s question on Twitter, asking about his absence from the Urban Crews audition. He simply responded with, “I got Covid.”

It’s worth noting that in 2021, Howie Mandel publicly shared his experience of receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine at Dodger’s Stadium. He has consistently advocated for vaccination.


Outpouring of Support from Fans

As the news of Howie Mandel’s COVID-19 diagnosis spread, America’s Got Talent fans flooded Twitter with messages of concern, well-wishes, and positive vibes. They expressed their sympathy for the judge and hoped for his swift recovery. Some of the heartwarming tweets included:


  • “So sorry that must’ve been close to hell.”
  • “Sending you positive vibes. Keep your head up and your body hydrated. #prayer”
  • “I’m sad that @howiemandel couldn’t be there to see that stand-up comedy act. He would’ve loved her. #AGT”
  • “Feel better Howie❤️”

The outpouring of support highlighted the strong connection between Howie Mandel and the dedicated AGT fanbase.


Highlights from America’s Got Talent Episode 3

While fans expressed their concern for Howie, the show went on with a variety of captivating acts in Episode 3. Here are some highlights:


The Brown Brothers

Nate and Gabriel, known as The Brown Brothers, graced the stage. These navy veterans showcased their musical talents, with Nate on the piano and Gabriel delivering soulful vocals. Their act was a heartwarming blend of music and impressions, creating a memorable performance.


Blade to Blade

In a thrilling and nerve-wracking act, another pair of brothers took center stage. They amazed the audience with their knife-throwing skills, maintaining precision and focus while throwing daggers at each other. The act left viewers on the edge of their seats.


Jack Williams

Season 17 introduced Jack Williams, a ventriloquist comedian who brought along his endearing rabbit puppet with hazy eyes. His act impressed both the judges and the audience as he seamlessly transitioned between his own voice and the comical voice of his puppet. The judges even hailed his performance as one of the best ventriloquism auditions on the show.

In Conclusion, Howie Mandel’s absence from America’s Got Talent due to a COVID-19 infection touched the hearts of fans, who swiftly rallied to send their support and well-wishes. Despite his temporary departure, the show continued to shine with remarkable talents, showcasing the diverse and awe-inspiring acts that AGT is known for. As Howie recuperates, the AGT family remains united in their hopes for his swift recovery and return to the judging panel.