Anime Adventures Kiro Bizarre Town Update Log & Patch Notes



New Raid Adventure in Bizarre Town

The latest update in Roblox’s Anime Adventures brings a thrilling new raid to the game. Players can now team up with Josuka and his crew in a quest to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Stand user, Kiro, and his formidable Stand, “Killer Queen.” Together, they’ll defend the fictional town of Moryo from impending danger.


Limited-Time Event Units

In addition to the captivating raid, the update introduces a range of limited-time event units. These special characters will be available for a short period, offering players unique powers and abilities. This new addition promises to add depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Expanded Battle Pass Tiers

The Key Hunt Battle Pass has received a significant expansion with the inclusion of 10 new tiers. This means more opportunities for players to earn valuable rewards and enhance their in-game experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to level up your gameplay!


 Unleash Unique Powers with Evolve Quests

The update also brings fresh Evolve Quests to the table. These quests allow players to level up their units and unlock distinct powers. By completing these objectives, you can assemble a team of characters with abilities that align with your preferred playstyle. It’s time to unleash your full potential!


 Trading Opportunities Abound

One of the standout features of the Bizarre Town update is the introduction of trading. Now, players have the ability to swap units like Heathcliff and Klay in their various forms. This opens up exciting possibilities for customizing your squad and experimenting with different combinations.


 Dive into the World of Anime Adventures

The Anime Adventures community is buzzing with excitement over the latest Bizarre Town update. With new raid adventures, limited-time event units, expanded Battle Pass tiers, Evolve Quests, and trading options, there’s something for every player to look forward to. Join the quest, defend Moryo, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Anime Adventures!