Anupama 14 March 2023 full episode written update: Maya accuses Anupama


The latest episode of “Anupama” begins with Anuj and Anupama making preparations for their daughter’s farewell. While they are busy, memories of their recent argument weigh on their minds. Anupama offers reassurance, expressing her hope that everything will be fine, to which Anuj responds that it should indeed be fine. Barkha questions whether Maya has made any conditions for Anupama’s return, perhaps demanding to stay in their house. Anupama reveals her frustration with Maya’s numerous conditions, and Anuj informs Ankush that Anupama hopes Anu will return to them. He adds that the top lawyer has declared that Anu will live with her biological mother.

Anupama tells Anuj about Anu’s request to meet everyone, including the Shah family. Anuj is confident that when Anu arrives, they will not let her leave. Anupama requests permission to invite all the Shah family members. Anuj agrees, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling Anu’s wishes. The Shahs, along with Anuj and Anupama, eagerly await Anu’s arrival. Anuj becomes increasingly restless, and Summer questions Dimple about whether Anu and Anuj’s disagreement has been resolved. Maya’s phone becomes unreachable, causing further anxiety for Anuj. He decides to rush to the airport to meet Anu and Maya. However, Vanraj and Anupama persuade him to stay.


Anu’s Arrival:

Anu finally arrives and is warmly greeted by Anuj and Anupama. Emotions run high as they embrace. Anu expresses her gratitude to the Shah family for honoring her wish. Anuj hugs her tightly, overwhelmed by his emotions. Anu playfully asks him to put her down, and Maya arrives on the scene. The Kapadia family members shed tears of joy. Dimple welcomes Maya inside, informing her that everyone has brought gifts for her.


Maya’s Revelation:

Anuj confronts Maya and questions her about taking Anu without informing them. He implores Maya not to separate Anu from them and becomes emotional in front of her. Anupama echoes Anuj’s sentiments and asks Maya not to take Anu away. Maya defends her actions, claiming that Anupama made an agreement that if Anu agreed to go with her, no one would interfere. Anuj pleads with Maya not to take Anu away and becomes emotional in the process.

Maya goes further, accusing Anupama of prioritizing her own children (Samar, Pakhi, and Paritosh) over Anu. Anupama is shocked by Maya’s words, and Anuj and others are taken aback by the accusations. Anupama refutes Maya’s allegations, defending her motherhood and expressing her love for all her children.


Heartfelt Farewell:

As the moment unfolds, Anuj, Anupama, and the rest of the family bid a tearful farewell to Anu. They chase after Anu and Maya’s cab, desperately wanting to stop them. However, they are unable to prevent Anu’s departure, leaving everyone with a heavy heart.

This emotional episode of “Anupama” delves into the complexities of relationships and showcases the power of love and family bonds. The audience is left with a poignant moment as they witness the separation of loved ones. You can catch this emotional episode on Star Plus.