Anupama 24th March 2023 full episode written update: Anupama tries to Woo Anuj



The popular TV show, Anupama, continues to captivate audiences with its high TRP ratings. In the most recent episode, Anupama is determined to mend her relationship with Anuj. Let’s dive into the written update of the episode.


Anupama’s Plea:

The episode begins with Anupama’s heartfelt plea to Anuj, urging him not to leave. She desperately wants to salvage their relationship, and she’s not willing to let him go. However, Devika intervenes, advising Anupama to give Anuj some space and time to cool down. She points out that Anuj’s anger will subside, and he will eventually return. Anupama, torn between her love for Anuj and her father’s decision, decides to take matters into her own hands. She locks the door to prevent Anuj from leaving.


Hasmukh’s Concern:

Kavya notices Hasmukh’s growing anxiety about Anupama’s situation. Concerned about his restlessness, she suggests that he pay Anupama a visit. Vanraj, on the other hand, tries to calm Hasmukh and advises him to call Anupama. Hasmukh is eager to speak with her but receives no response to his calls. His worry intensifies when Dimple, too, ignores his calls. The family patriarch is deeply troubled.


Barkha’s Regret:

Devika confronts Barkha about her failure to take a stand in support of Anupama. Barkha admits her mistake and acknowledges that she had cautioned against bringing Maya into the house, but her advice went unheeded. Devika suspects that Anuj is being manipulated by Anupama, while Ankush stands firmly by his wife’s side.


Anupama’s Last-Ditch Effort:

Inside the room, Anupama makes a final attempt to persuade Anuj to stay. She proposes that they both take a break and spend some quality time together. Devika is worried about Anupama’s emotional state and fears that she may break down if Anuj departs. Dheeraj offers words of comfort, and Dimple provides water to a distraught Devika. Dhiraj reassures Devika that everything will eventually work out. However, Devika’s anxiety persists, fearing the consequences if Anupama fails to convince Anuj.


Family Support:

Pakhi, Anupama’s daughter, takes Anuj’s side, highlighting that he is being harsh at a time when Anupama is also suffering. Adhik echoes her sentiments, stating that even the most perfect individuals can make mistakes. Anupama reminisces about their happy times together, desperately trying to rekindle their love. Barkha points out that once Anuj departs, Adhik and Ankush will need to step up and take over the responsibilities of the Kapadia Empire. Anupama reminds Anuj that she also bears the responsibility of the Shah family, but he accepted her despite all of it. With tears in her eyes, she implores Anuj not to leave her, declaring that she would be devastated if he did. She begs him to talk to her, but he remains unresponsive.


What Lies Ahead:

The episode ends with tensions running high, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments in Anupama’s efforts to win back Anuj’s heart. The show promises to continue delivering interesting and entertaining content.



The latest episode of Anupama showcases the unwavering determination of the show’s central character, Anupama, in her quest to mend her relationship with Anuj. Viewers can catch the full episode on Star Plus and stay tuned for more updates as the drama unfolds.